Avoid Fuck Parties

My advice: Avoid fuck parties. Once you go to one, you'll never want to go to any other kind of party again and you'll be miserable.

My GF and I went to one late last year and it was amazing. A couple of dozen couples sucking a fuck their brains out, swapping partners, cumming on each other, squirting on each other, etc. I fucked 4 women, came twice, and my girlfriend fucked so many guys and girls she lost count.

But now we can't stand to go to "regular" parties. We keep wondering what it would be like if "that girl starting suck that guy's cock" , or "if that guy started fucking that woman in the corner". We wind up having to leave early and go fuck our brains out.

And now with COVID hardly anyone is even HAVING parties and it make's it even more torturous.

So my advice: Don't go to a fuck party. You'll never want to do anything else EVER again!

9 months ago


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    • You're a lonesome man aren't ya? if no one what to fuck your ugly ass what makes you think someone else do?

    • How do I find these?

    • I would not call it fuck-party! We have a close group of real swingers - six couples till now, and we rotate places within ourselves. Often we all get undressed in a small darkened room and feel and grope each other, male or female, and take him/her out in the adjacent room to have sex. This couple of our group has a made a glory hole and any woman or man can go there to suck cocks at satisfaction!

    • Filthy arseholes

    • Try, you will love it .... and never masturbate!!

    • My husband and I never attended a fuck party, but we host a lot of regular ones, and I'm always thinking about what it would be like if we all just stripped down to fuck. Some of our friends look hot.

    • I always wanted to have sex with my uncle l would get horny when I’ll see him and I would touch myself every night thinking about him. I went to his house by myself and I told myself this was the night. So he greeted me like usual and I sat with him at the couch and we talked. He kept looking at my boobs I didn’t say anything I just looked at him smiling and he kept touching them and I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it he got so hard so I got on my knees and sucked him off. It was so good and his cock was so long. We ended having sex and it was amazing.

    • Gud advice

    • Makes perfect sense to me,

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