Letting a young black boy suck my cock

My wife and I were in the swinger lifestyle for 20+ years, from when we first got married at 18 until in our mid 40's. Though I was straight over the years I had on occasion let a guy suck my cock because it turned my wife on, but I'd never sought it out. Well, a few years after we'd gotten out of the lifestyle I was on a business trip out of town, and finding myself very early for a meeting I decided to go in an adult bookstore I'd passed on the way in to kill some time and maybe buy a movie or a new toy for my wife.

After looking around I still had lots of time so I went in the back figuring I could watch a movie and maybe jerk off because I'd been away from home for two weeks and hadn't as much as jerked off in that time and the books & movies in the store had really gotten me worked up. So I figured I'd give myself a little stress relief. At first, I thought I was the only one back there and I'd gone in one of the larger booths & closed the door and soon had my pants around my ankles as I stroked my thick 81/2" cock. While seeing a busty blonde in the movie being DP'd.

Then I heard footsteps in the hallway and heard them go in the booth beside me. It wasn't but about a minute until I heard a rubbing sound and I looked down and saw a couple of fingers rubbing inside the glory hole. I was pretty sure they were indicating they wanted me to stick my cock through, but I just kept up what I was doing. They put their fingers through further and I could tell they were black but by the size of the fingers weren't sure if they were male or female until finally, I heard a young black guy's voice whispering how much they liked sucking white cock. During my waiting, I'd been thinking about years before when a young black girl had sucked my cock, and how hot it had been.

Finally, I said what the fuck and stuck my cock through the hole into his waiting mouth. He was running his tongue over the shaft & around the head. Then started sucking for all he was worth, and I must admit it did feel good. Then suddenly he stopped and left the booth. Seconds later he was in my booth on his knees sucking my cock as he fondled my balls. He looked like he couldn't be over sixteen but I knew you had to be eighteen to get in. As he started sucking my balls I told him I wanted him to know up-front I wasn't going to suck him. But he didn't care and started saying he just liked sucking big white cocks.

As he went back to sucking my cock he was taking almost all of it, and would come up for air every few minutes as he stroked it and would be telling me how much he liked my cock and how good it tasted. As well as how he couldn't wait to taste my cum. I was getting kind of worked up and soon had my hands on the back of his head and was skull fucking him as I asked if he liked having his throat filled with my white dick? He just made a noise like um hum. Then I told him I was going to fill his mouth full of my thick white cum, and couldn't wait to see him swallow every drop.

As he went back to sucking my balls again I asked how old he was, and told him I had a feeling he wasn't eighteen. He asked if I was going to turn him into the manager? An I promised I wouldn't he said he was almost sixteen but he'd been sneaking in for about a year. For some reason, I flashed back twenty-five years to that young black girl sucking me off when I caught her stealing and she sucked my dick in return for letting her go.

I started pumping my cock in & out of the boy's hot mouth as I told him to suck my dick harder and that I was going to fuck his mouth as it'd never been fucked before. I pounded my rock hard cock in & out of his hot little mouth as I told him about that little black girl who'd sucked my cock. And about how I'd had countless women suck my dick since but the thought of shooting my load in that black girl's mouth always stood out more. I took my cock out and started slapping my big hard cock against his face and told him I had a feeling he was going to take that little girl's place in my memory. Then shoved my cock back in his mouth and shot load after load of hot cum in his mouth & throat.

It's been years since that happened and I haven't had or wanted another guy to suck my cock. But will always find that experience as one of the hottest. I just wish my wife had been there to watch.

9 months ago

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    • Very hot! I didn't start having any bi urges until a few years ago, but once I discovered it I was all in and have been making up for lost time.

      After a lengthy period of sucking just about every cock I could get in my mouth and getting some world class blowjobs from other guys, I finally decided to take the next step. A gay friend of mine who'd hit on me off and on for years got my anal cherry. I couldn't believe what an incredible, intense, pleasurable experience it was, and couldn't wait to do it again.

      I chatted up a guy online, made sure he was okay with using condoms, and met up with him during my lunch hour at an adult theater with private video booths. I knew from his photo that he was a good looking black guy, but I didn't realize until seeing him in person just how young he was. It turned out that he was 19, and it also turned out that he had a 9 1/2" cock. We went into a booth, and after sucking his perfect cock for a while he took charge and just owned my ass like it was his disposable fuck toy. We'd started with me bent over the chair but by the time we finished we were somehow on the floor. The whole thing was a blur, but when he was done he got up, tossed the condom in the trash, pulled up his pants, stepped over me without saying a word, and walked out, leaving me naked, sweaty, and panting on the filthy floor, feeling completely used and objectified and loving every bit of it.

      Best long lunch ever, though going back to work afterward felt surreal.

    • Another homo looking for dick......

    • Yes what's wrong with that? Joe Biden is looking to fuck you also. Let the fun begin.

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    • Poofter you need a few hard kicks in the balls

    • I absolutely loved Rocket man. He's a Poofter you know.

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    • Too long of a story, I call bullshit

    • Yes I know totally

    • There's always next time , and l would have sucked him off , nice big , young black meat , mmmmm

    • Yummy black sausage

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