Sex with wifes mother

I'm having sex with my wife's mother. She moved in with us when her husband died. He was the breadwinner and couldn't afford the house. My wife asked if she could move into our basement, and I said yes.

My wife was out with her friends one night and I had gone down to fix the hot water heater. While I was working on it, my MIL came over to talk. She was wearing a sundress and I could see she had no bra on. At 48 years old, she still has an amazingly hot body for an older woman. Nice trim stomach, nice boobs, long brunette hair, and a nice little round ass. She looks really good in a pair of jeans.

I asked her to hand me a wrench and when I reached to grab it, I didn't look and grabbed her boob by accident. She made a joke about that being the most action she'd had in awhile. I jokingly said if my wife's boobs are as firm as hers when she's her age, I'll be a happy man. She replied saying "speaking of firm, did that make your cock firm"? Then she laughed. I jokingly said maybe and turned back towards the water heater to work on it.

At that point I figured the innocent flirting was over, but as I put the wrench on the heating element to remove it, I felt my MIL wrap her arms around me from behind and grab my cock. Her actions started me and I dropped the wrench moving away from both her and the heater. She quickly stepped back and apologized for the missunderstand. I felt bad, and believed some of the blame was mine as well.

I reached out and touched her shoulders saying it was okay. We walked over and sat down on her couch. I told her she had just surprised me, as I never realized she wanted me. She explained how her husband hadn't wanted sex for years and the most action she'd had was with her vibrator. The more we talked, the more I started to think I needed to have sex with her. I was rubbing her arm, and decided to pace her hand on my cock.

She gave me a look but never said a word. She quickly slipped off her sundress exposing her naked boobs. She had no panties on and her pussy was nicely trimmed into a landing strip. I quickly kicked off my jeans and stripped off my shirt. She leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. Amazingly she is way better at sucking cock than my wife. My wife can only get the head of my cock in her mouth. Her mother was taking me down her throat. I wanted to cum, but I held back so I could get in her pussy.

After she stopped sucking my cock, I laid her back on the couch and spread her legs. She has a beautiful pussy. Nicely tucked up, beautiful folds that make it look like rose petals. I rubbed my cock on her clit and then plunged deep inside her. She moaned loudly as I pumped my cock in and out of her wet pussy. It didn't take long for her to orgasm, squirting juices all over my cock.

My MIL and I have been having sex. Ow every chance we get. She sucked me off the other night, she give the best blowjobs I've ever had. At this point I don't e en care if my wife finds out. Her mother is so much better in bed than she is.


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  • Excellent! Women and men are SUPPOSED to look after each other. When you don't, THAT is as good as their PERMISSION to go get some.

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  • Enjoy with both of them

  • Enjoy , l hope you have a big cock for both to worship

  • I had sex with my ex girlfriend's mum a couple of times. Luckily no one found out!

  • I've had sex with my wifes father

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