I want to fuck and love my fat aunt

My aunt's in her late 40s early 50s, and I'm in my mid 20s. She's funny and caring, and quite plump with huge br e a sts and ass, with a soft belly.

She's had a rough time in life, and divorced twice from assholes who didn't appreciate her. I lust after her and wish to love her and fuck her fat ass. I desire it so much and more than anything right now, it make my heart ache.

I wish I could try and gauge her interest, or subtly hint about it to her or even just come outright with it, but I fear of damaging my good relationship with her...I don't want to jeopardize that, and be rejected.

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  • I love fucking fat mature women. It all started with my aunt aged 42 when I was 22 yo. She might have passed the message fucking with a young cock to her elder sis about 45 yo. This went on with the both for about 3 years when my granny discovered something fishy among us. In one of our weekend outings in her van, we stopped in an isolated place. My granny confronted me about how long we were having sex, I had to confess everything to her and told her that I love sex with older women. I watched her ample boobs heaving deep. She moved closer to me and placed her hand on my thighs pressing slowly. This brought me a hard-on. I got bolder too and wanted see what a 70 yo pussy feels like to be sucked and fucked!! I unbuttoned her shirt, fondled her boobs while moving my hands underneath her skirt. She widened her thighs and my hand felt the soft flesh of her pussy with large lips engulfing the slit. She moved facing me while taking off her panties. I lifted the helm of her skirt and buried my face onto her damp pussy, took the lips in my mouth, tried to push two fingers into her slit but it was a bit difficult. I released amply amount of my saliva while sucking her engorged clit. This really worked perfect. I laid her on her back and mounted burying my cock to its entire length quite at ease!! I fucked her hard and deep as she moaned deeper and deeper dear!. In five minutes I dumped my loads into her. She did not come this time but assured me of trying for it next time. The next time was quite frequent till now!

  • Fuck you and your fake incest post Ass Hole

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  • My aunt seduced me her husband worked away 6 months a year so I fucked her from 16 years old every chance I got.
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  • Just spend time with her and slowly seduce her. Be smart about it!

  • That's no way to talk about your Aunt

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