My boss and my tits

One day my boss told me to wear a tight white shirt with no bra because the district managers were coming in and they’d give us a better review if there were hot girls working. I did and the when the two district managers arrived, they immediately asked my boss if he’d discussed the dress code with me. My boss said of course and told me to remove my top while he got me another. I didn’t take it off, I was just going to wait for another shirt and change in the bathroom. But then the district manager said “he said take it off” and he ripped it right down the middle. I tried to cover my tits but my manager held my arms behind my back while one of the managers started playing with my nipples. Then he started sucking and licking my left nipple. Then he switched to the right. Then the other manager jumped in and licked my left nipple at the same time. My tits are so sensitive and having them both harassed was so intense. This licking went on for so long that I almost had an orgasm. They made sure to get their pictures of my boobs too. The district manager told my boss to “get a bitch with fatter tits next time”. Then they smacked my tits and told me to never come to work with my “little ebony hooters braless and expect to be left alone”. I asked for the backup shirt and they told me to walk out like that and not to cover either. My nipples were so hard they were sticking straight out, pointing right in front of me. I walked to my car like that. I passed likE ten people too.

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  • What a load of shit

  • I just found out my boss has tits bigger than mine. Yeah apparently he's a she. Plus he/she or it has the hots for me. Fuck another job I'm going to have to leave and find another one.

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  • Oh. Ok. Sure that happened. NOT!

  • My boss would never have to tell me to dress provocatively. Never wore a bra or panties. Always fucked the big clients and bosses.

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