True Masterbation Story

My first time masterbating I was 12 and didn't know about jerking off or cum.
My dad had a massager for his back issue. One night I had stuff next and I used it on my neck and shoulder, suddenly my cock became aroused and and I tried on my cock and unexpectedly this white pee came flying out. I was scared. I got a towel to clean up but afraid my parents would see this. I then got into bed pleading not to die. I laid up all night afraid of dying. When nothing happened I had this feeling in my body that felt neat. Two days later I did it with my hand and discovered masterbation and loved jerking off.
At 14 through my friends I learned that in their sleep away camps the boys had group jerk offs I didn't know it was called a circle jerk. They then discussed how they jerked off at home. When it was my turn (here's the surprise) I told them I jerked off to porn. My father and relatives were in the porno business in early 60's and we're part of the law suit before the Supreme Court and won that porn is art. Now you know why porn is every where One day when the family was out for the day I invited them look at the collection. While looking at this collection one of the guys said he can't take it anymore and pulled his pants down and started jerking off the other guys followed and got excited as each shot their load, cum was flying all over their hand and chest, that how I got involved in my first circle jerk I didn't know until my friends the guys jerking off in a group was a circle jerk. We had two more times with together and jerk off. I admit I truly enjoyed jerking off with them and admired your their cocks and pubic hair and their loads. At no time did anyone touch one another. I've have not been involved in a circle jerk since that time, but I still enjoy looking at porn and watching guys cum and looking at cocks in porn only I do have gay married friends. I've been married 46 years. There is more, but I stop here. All this is true


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  • I first came when I was 13 and desperate to wank off, much the same as my school friends. I recall a few occasions after games / PE at school when there would be around 6 of us in the large communal shower. It would only take one to get a hard on for the rest of us to spring up within minutes. It wasn't a gay thing, just horny 13 year olds. Within a few minutes we would all have wanked off onto the shower floor. We were also amazed by the size one of the guy's cock, I swear it was twice the size of the rest of ours. No one touched each other at any time, that would be 'queer' - term used at the time!

  • Fake pedophilia post sick fuck!

  • Fake pedophilia post sick fuck.

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  • Waiiitttt! Are you the high school graduation speech guy? Wow, not THAT was a story! You should tell that one again! Btw, you are definitely a man (women don’t pretend to be men... trust me!) so, given that you actually did once discover masturbation, why would you make up this ridiculous story? What was so boring about your actual masturbation discovery story, that you would make this crap up? “White Pee”? Seriously? And how is an orgasm so terrifying?Also, you had an orgasm and you thought you were dying... at TWELVE? Oh, and then after “learning “ that a vibrator could give you this terrifying, death-inducing orgasm, you wanted another one, so instead of using the vibrator (which was the only way you knew at this point), for some reason you just naturally switched to using your hand... what??? The story makes ZERO SENSE!

  • I wasn't planning on masturbating, I didn't know anything. It was a back massager. I just tried it on my cock. I had no idea that I 'd excrete anything, I was scared I didn't know about seamen and it was frightful. Once I realized that nothing bad happened, I then decided to try my hand. I didn't know what this white stuff was. I actually learned in my health Ed. class, I liked the feeling I got when I ejaculated. My guess most guys learn to jackoff with their hand first, mine was by a machine. Yes I'm the Speech Person. As you read my stories through my teens, they are not normal and why by 19 I almost committed suicide though I was going to therapy. I couldn't tell them things that happened. Now I can tell and not feel guilt or or feel shame. Things happen and now I live a happy life.

  • In a circle jerk you tug off the guy next to you... hence the need for the circle.

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