Any girl or female like to have sex with a disable man ?

I m a 35+ years old disable single divorced lonely male but last week i meet a girl and she invite to me here room then she said to me she want sex with me because she want to know how a disable person make sex so we did it 3 time in her bed and in the end she said she like it and she want to try again so give me her personal mobile number and tell me if any time i want to do it again just call me and i said ok + thanks and then i kissed her last time before leaving . so now i want to know if any other women or girl think about sex with a disable person ? Or it's was only one surprise for me ?

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  • One of my friends is partially disabled, he's in his 30s, he can only walk short distances with sticks but is otherwise reasonably fit. He has no confidence that he can find a woman friend so he uses an escort service. He's found a couple of girls that will come round to his house for sex. He's happy and they are happy. Good result all round!

  • Yes I've been doing that for the last 12 years. Since my hubby car accident. Poor guy doesn't get hard often enough for my liking and he can't fill my pussy full of cum any longer. I need it so bad. Cum that is.

  • What is your disability? Disabled is a very broad term. Do you have no arms or legs? Is your penis so freakishly large that you cannot walk? Are you a waterhead retard?

  • I have no legs. Lost them to a IUD in Afghanistan. My cock works and I make gobs of gooey goodness.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Awh who fucking cares you ugly ole fat bitch. I mean you COW! 🐖🐂🐄🐘🦏 Horse face bitch !

  • Uh My brother would not allow me sorry :(
    My brothers my baby daddy
    And I would not get out alive

  • I just send a email to you because i want to share my wife with you or threesome

    Get in touch and reply me or tell me in which city or state you are

  • Sound really awesome. My poor husband can't fuck me anymore. I need cock badly.

  • Fuck off, no

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