I Wanted My Mom

This is a story about a mom and son. My dad left us a year ago, and we've been alone together since. I have to admit that hearing my mom and dad having sex always turned me on. Listening to my mom moaning, then getting very vocal during her orgasm, I had to jerk my dick until I would cum too.

My mom is 38. Still very attractive with brunette hair, about 5'7. She has the body and looks, of a twenty eight year old. Her boobs are so full, firm, with such prominent nipples. Plus she has a great ass.

One Saturday morning I was lying in bed with my laptop. Mom was in kitchen preparing lunch. The phone rang several times and I thought my mom would answer, so I didn't picked up the receiver. I didn't hear my mom talking, so I picked up. My mom must have picked up that receiver a second before me and I heard a man's voice. The guy on phone said, "Hi Honey." I must admit I was surprised to hear a guy calling my mom honey.

Mom replied in somewhat shaking voice, "You!" "Yes, have you told our secret to your son?" "No, I won't," mom said in a shaky voice. "If you don't want him to know that we are having sexual relations, then you had better tell him." "I have this weekend completely open, and I want to enjoy two sex nights with you." I was shocked, I had no idea that my mom was seeing anyone.

That afternoon mom came to my room, "Sweat heart, your grandma is not feeling well, so I want to go over to her place this weekend." I will be back the day after tomorrow." I didn't say a word to her, I just allowed her to go, even though I know where she was going. I didn't want to spoil our relationship.

When she got home late Sunday night, I found my mom sitting at the kitchen table. Judging from the half empty bottle of scotch in front of her, she was probably feeling pretty good. My mom looked so sexy sitting there. Her white shirt fabric was thin and as she stood up, I could see her large breasts and nipples making me hard just looking at them.

I had some drinks earlier that night myself, and it made me feel like talking. I wanted to let my mom know about that call. I told her that I wanted to ask her something. She sat back down, poured herself another drink and asked me to tell her about it. "Mom I want to know who that guy was on the phone with you two days ago?" I asked.

Mom was surprised, only able to answer, "What?" "Mom, I heard your conversation with a guy on Friday." "But," she started to say, except I cut her off. I also know that you didn't go to grandma's place," I quickly replied. My mom started crying so I said, "It's alright mom, I can understand you are feeling lonely." I knew my mother loved sex. I could here my mom and her friends talking about it night after night, sometimes for hours.

My mom got up and left me going to her bedroom. I also went to mine, but I was feeling uneasy that night and couldn't sleep. After laying there for two or three hours. I finally decided to get up and go into mom's room and talk to her. There was plenty of light in the room and I could see mom was sound asleep. I saw her thighs at the bottom of her see through nightgown. My dick got immediately hard. I walked near mom and leaned down to see her better. My mom's nipples were visible through her gown less then a foot away from my face. Suddenly my mom woke up, "What are you doing here?" she asked a little groggy.

"I know what you have done in last two days, and it makes me jealous." "I want to hold you and kiss you like we are lovers," I said without any hesitation. "Don't you know to whom you are talking to?" mom said somewhat frustrated. "You are so beautiful, and I want to have a sexual relationship with you," I said rather firmly.

"Honey, I really didn't know you felt that way, I mean, how could an attractive young man find an old women like me that attractive?" How are we supposed to be that way, they call that incest?" she said shyly looking at the floor. "Well mom, you are real attractive, I mean, I...I'm more attracted to you than I am to women my own age."

She closed her eyes and lay back on her bed. Since she didn't say anything against it, I chanced touching her breast through her nightgown, she just lay there as I began to cup her breast in my hand and gently knead it. Her eyes remained closed though her lips parted and she was breathing a little faster.

I continued to play with her breast with one hand. I put my other hand on her knee. Again no negative response. I began to rub her leg just above her knee, each rub pushing the bottom of her nightgown further up her thigh. Her legs were together and I tried to put my hand between her thighs. but she held them together, "no" she said. "Its only skin, its no different than stroking your arm," I said looking into her eyes.

For a moment I thought all was lost, but then she sighed, closed her eyes and opened her legs. Not just so I could touch her inner thigh, but giving me full access to her vagina. With a trembling hand I began stoking her pubic hair, gradually letting my fingers explore. She was soaking wet and she gave a slight "uhh" as I gently probed her vagina with my fingers. I would have liked to have done more, but I was real hard and ready to explode.

I asked her to play with my long hard shaft, and she surprised me when she did. "Wow mom I never, ooohhhh... yes... thought you felt that way about me either, ohhhh, uhhhh," I groaned. My mom got off the bed and kneeled in front of me. She starting licking the head of my dick. She first started by circling around it, teasing me, then sucking it like it was a candy sucker. Then she then started to taking me deeper into her mouth, sucking harder, and going down to the base of my dick.

"Ohhh...yeah mom, I never imagined that you could, uhhhh...suck, uhhhh...dick so good," I said watching her mouth work my hard pole. "I'm going to cum," I said as mom started bobbing her head up and down faster. As I came, she sucked and swallowed my load completely. After that, we both lay back on her bed .Then my mom turned to her side and just stared at me, but keeping her hand on her wet pussy. I knew what she needed and moved down between her legs. I began licking her beautiful pussy slit. "Oh sweety you're so good at that, come on, make your mother cum," she moaned out loudly."

I just kept on licking her pussy and then I stuck my tongue deep into her and circled my tongue all around. I then started sucking on her clit, knowing she was about to have an orgasm."Ohhhh John...I going to cum, uuuuhhhhhhh...ohhhhhh...you are so good, uhhhh eat me honey." As she was climaxing, I swallowed all her tasty juices. After a moment I then asked, "Can I fuck your wet pussy, I want to put my dick inside of you?" "I'm all ready to go again," I honestly told her.

Those words seemed to shake her out of her sexual frenzy and in a small, quiet voice she said yes, fuck me." Words I never thought I'd here, but I wasn't going to hesitate in getting my greatest wish. I could tell that mom was feeling guilty though, so I said, "Mom, we were both adults, and in the morning if you want, we can pretend nothing ever happened, and this will be it." After some hesitation she finally gave in willingly, and completely.

Mom was now on her back with her legs spread out. I pulled off her nightgown, taking in her complete nude body for the first time. I wanted to fuck her sexy body more than anything else. I got on top of her, but I kept my head at her chest level. I started sucking on her right nipple, then I started moving back and forth between each of her tits. Soon mom was on the verge of release again. When she told me that she was going to cum, I took both her tits in my hands and began squeezing her nipples harder and harder until she came. After she came down, I slid down my mom's naked body and across her abdomen, and then to her dripping pussy!

I moved my head down to my mom's heated snatch and started licking. As my tongue found her clit, I started sucking it hard like it was a third nipple. She violently came, her body shaking all over. To my surprise my mom yelled, "Fuck me!, Fuck me now, while I'm cumming!" I quickly was in mom's pussy before she finished the sentence! She threw her legs around my back and screamed at me, over and over, "FUCK ME!"

I started deep stroking mom's very tight pussy. I was pushing the entire seven inches deep inside of her clear to my balls, then pulling it back to thrust back inside of my mom's pussy. "Oh mom your pussy is so good, uuuuh...oh yeah, I love you mom." "Ohhhhh... how do you like that," I said as I started to fuck her harder. I also grabbed her tits in my hands and started fondling them.

"Ohh... John, I about to cum, fuck me harder, slam your dick into your horny mother!!" "Oh yes John, just like that!!", "Ohhhh..., ohhh... I'm going to cum so hard!" my mom started yelling. Soon I was on the cusp of my own impending orgasm. I slammed my big dick into mom's womb and told her, "Here it is, I'm going to fill your pussy with my cum!" I bellowed!! "I love you John, cum inside me, I want to feel it." "Don't worry, I'm protected!!" she added.

I kept pounding my dick into mom's pussy until I ejaculated deep in my mom's pussy. When my cum started coating the inside of her cunt, she had another massive orgasm, even stronger than the previous one! I looked down at my mom in orgasmic bliss, and I kissed her passionately.

Afterwards we lay together in each other arms. Soon we drifted off to sleep after that intense fucking session we had. In the morning, I woke up to my mom stroking my morning wood. "I guess we're not going to pretend nothing ever happened last night?" I said with a grin. "No, I just can't see having my best orgasms ever happening only once," she responded with a twinkle in her eyes.


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  • You sick fucks spend hours {some days} writing fake stories and posting them. I just do some research and copy and post facts.
    True facts that all your lies and disbelief won't change. But I'm having fun replying to your fake stories, so write some more. And I will post my replies to them.
    Keep this in mind when you write a new post and spend hours writing it! I will wreck it in less then 5 minutes. I will do it faster because I will now do what you sick fucks do all the time! I will repost the same shit over and over again and again.
    If all you sick fucks don't want to see my posts then don't post new one's.
    Go somewhere else.
    We are sick and tired of incest and pedophilia posts! Yes thats right there is more people posting with me, But feel free to blame it all on me.

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  • No you didn't, it's new. You however, need something new.

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  • Don't mock it until you've tried it

  • APPLETON — A Fox Valley mother will spend decades behind bars for sexually assaulting her two young children and making explicit videos.

    The 34-year-old Grand Chute woman was sentenced Monday, Nov. 25 in Outagamie County Circuit Court to 40 years in prison to be followed by 25 years of extended supervision.

    WLUK-TV reports Judge Gregory Gill told the mother her children’s “pain and suffering will go on in perpetuity” and tragically it was caused by the one who was empowered to be their caretaker.

    A criminal complaint says the woman sexually assaulted her 7-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter during the course of several months and posted sexually explicit images and videos online.
    The Associated Press is not naming the woman to protect the identity of the victims.
    My incest stories are true and have better outcomes then your's.

  • I already knew about this one. Give us something new.

  • Like we don't know all the fake incest stories here! Posted over and over. The same shit just a different day.

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  • My God, get a life. Better yet, get a haircut and get a real job!

  • Family sex is wonderful

  • I see monkeys really can type!

  • Lol i think its hilarious that you have nothing better to do than yell at anonymous people for weeks on end. When the temperature drops and the flu and COVID start spreading in tandem with new lockdowns, you'll have even more time to kill here, yelling at anonymous people.

  • Fuck you ! You never had incest sex so how do you know. You keep posting this bull shit so much you start believing that you did.

  • You need to do better job of proof reading. Still, not a bad confession. Keep it up!

  • Take you sick incest and shove it up you ass. Sick fuck.
    CLOVIS, N.M. — A 19-year-old man charged in New Mexico with having an incestuous relationship with his mother told authorities he believed he could take care of her and keep her safe from abusive men like those in her past, a criminal complaint states.
    Caleb Peterson’s statement to police came after he and his mother Monica Mares were charged in February with incest.
    “Caleb felt if he was there to take care of her, she would not have to deal with abusive men anymore and he would take care of the household and his younger brothers,” the complaint said.
    On Tuesday, Peterson told Albuquerque television station KOB that he wants people to know about his relationship with his mother. He declined to be interviewed on camera.
    The mother and son are scheduled to face separate jury trials on one count each of incest. Court records show Mares’ trial set for Aug. 25 and Peterson’s on the docket for Sept. 16.
    The felony charges carry a maximum penalty of three years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

  • My God, get a life. Better yet, get a haircut and get a real job.

  • Citing the criminal complaint, the Clovis News-Journal previously reported that Mares gave up Peterson for adoption when he was an infant, and the mother and son reunited recently.
    After the son moved into his mother’s home, the relationship became romantic and sexual in nature, authorities said.
    Police learned of the relationship after responding to a dispute on the street where they lived, though it’s not clear if it may have been a statement from a neighbor or an acquaintance that led police to determine the two were romantically involved.
    The criminal complaint says that Peterson acknowledged the relationship at the time of the arrest, saying his mother had been in a series of abusive relationships with men.
    Mares denied having an incestuous relationship at the time of her arrest. Her attorney in Clovis — a town of about 40,000 people near the New Mexico-Texas border — did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

  • Get a clue!!! The site is Naughty Posts. The category is Family. What do expect to find, your family history?

  • What do I expect to find in family? I pranked my brother or sister. I hate my parents. I crashed my fathers car and didn't tell him. Things like that not fake incest shit all the time Ass hole.

  • Takes one to know one!

  • Takes one to know one

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