The craving to suck Cock

Is it wrong, as a straight, possible biSexual 50 yr old man, to have a burning desire, to have another man, stick his hard cock in my mouth, and let me suck him, until he shoots his load down my throat. About 3 month ago, i started to get this outrageous desire to suck another mans cock and just feeling what its like, to have a hot, sticky load of cum shot down my throat, am i fucked up in the head. Me and my wife, have already talked about my desires, and she gets turned on by it, and even has gone a far to find me a guy, but has not been successful yet. Im also afraid, from what ive heard, if you do it once, you'll want more. I just dont know what i should do.

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  • How did you end up confessing your desires to your wife?

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Im married and often sneak off to suck cock. its very enjoyable

  • Im 64 married etc,, love to suck cock

  • I've had that desire for a long time now. You are not alone

  • I'll do it with you.

  • Try it , l'm waiting to suck my first cock too , working on it

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