How my old man found out why my penis was the size of a man's

I"m 13 years old now this is how my doctor found out when i was 7 years old i had a regular size nothing crazy so i went to go take a shower and i see 2 blue pill's that i thought was candy it really looked like candy so i ate one and i notice my penis was growing faster and was not stopping now you might be wondering this shit is not worth reading this is not a secret but your wrong. and so now ill tell you how they found out once i turn'd 13 my girl came over when my parent's were out of town she said she want's me to give it to her now if your 14 or older you know what she i mean so i said ight now she did not expect what she saw she didn't how to handle it so she made some dumb ass excuse up saying she was sick so i said k and i just rolled with it so then when my parents get back it just went back normal so my girl come's and ring's the door bell my father come's and she snitches she say's that my shit is not normal and my father told me to go to the bathroom and pull down your pants and what he saw left his jaw dropping literally he felt kinda insecure i mean i don't blame him to know your own son's dick is way way way way bigger then your's is embarrassing i feel bad for him and till dis day my mother is still blaming me i mean that is messed up just because he is insecure like nigga's be tripping


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  • You a bitch and you know you is so nigga put your name and address and see you their cause finna shoot you up bitch

  • Shut the fuck up pedo. viagra won't do that but if taking in excessive use can cause high blood pressure and Ischemic priapism, also called low-flow priapism, is the result of blood not being able to leave the penis. Thats a hard on lasting for more then four hours and can permanently damage your dick and give you a blood infection.
    You dumb assed comment may get some child to do that and could cost them their life. Fuck you pedo.

  • You can talk all that shit about me and I’m sorry for what i Said but it was not viagra

  • Come on nigga

  • Hurry up nigga

  • And put your name and your address we going shoot your ass up

  • Na nigga pull up and say that shit money set on your ass now

  • Oh I’m sorry thrn

  • Viagara just helps you get hard, it does not increase the size of your dick.

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