I enjoy sex with my dog

I'm Tammy a 24 year old female and I enjoy having a very involved sexual relationship with my German Sheppard. I've been taking the knott for over two years now and it's the most erotic and pleasing sex I've ever experienced. so much so I have no longer any use for a man. it's so fulfilling and erotic if a dog could get a woman pregnant we'd have no use for men, and women having sex with a dog or dogs , is far more common than many might tend to believe or think.

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  • My gf got drunk and let the dog eat her out

  • Enjoy more should do it. Hope you give him oral . It’s hot

  • Hey Tammy are you on any of the beast forums?

  • Watching a girl being fucked by her dog is amazing! I hear that it's indescribable when he knots in you. Would love to see that

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