I enjoy sex with my dog

I'm Tammy a 24 year old female and I enjoy having a very involved sexual relationship with my German Sheppard. I've been taking the knott for over two years now and it's the most erotic and pleasing sex I've ever experienced. so much so I have no longer any use for a man. it's so fulfilling and erotic if a dog could get a woman pregnant we'd have no use for men, and women having sex with a dog or dogs , is far more common than many might tend to believe or think.

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  • I let my boxer have me because I felt bad for him :( My boyfriend would come to my apartment Jake would be in my bedroom and watch us have sex. I saw his little pink penis sticking out one night and I felt sorry for him. after my boyfriend left I cuddled on the couch with Jake to make him feel loved. Jake was sniffing me. I opened my legs and pulled my panties to the side and he licked me. It felt amazing so I returned the favor. I rubbed his penis and kept telling him he was a good boy. I didn't think it was weird or gross when I started using my tongue. His penis started squirting! i had no idea his penis would get so big and it turned into me giving him a blowjob! Its the most selfless and caring act I could do for Jake and I didn't mind it at all! I was so happy for him that he got to ejaculate! it never crossed my mind that Jake just needed a blowjob but the next day I layed down on the couch and pulled him onto me pointing his penis to my vagina. He didn't know what to do but when he felt my vagina he humped and it went right in and he fucked really fast. I could feel him getting longer and bigger inside me. my heart was racing and pounding out of my chest! I was so scared but really happy for Jake that he was inside a vagina and it was mine! he kept slipping out so I got on my hands and knees. I had to help him in me and I was in for a big surprise. I learned later online that a dog gets a thing called a knot to keep him in. it made us stuck together. i could feel him pulsing in me. it hurt a little when he pulled out. My boyfriend doesn't know. he would freak out so I keep it a secret. I reward my boyfriend so I do the same for Jakey! I have a vagina and he has a penis so why not? Put down a lot of towels though! Dogs cum way more!. I'm sure other girls do dogs because we want them to feel good. we get horny and want to feel penetrated by a penis and dogs have one! Its my duty to fuck jake because he deserves to have me! ;)

  • Do you still give him blow jobs

  • Oh i know most women are into dog sex and say its way better sex and i think its fuckn hot and love watching chicks make love to dogs. My mom and all my sister always had sex with dogs and they dont go with men they loce getting that dog seed and i have been enjoying my female lab she's in heat and god is her pussy fucking amazing mmmm it gets siooo wet and hot when she is in heat and i can give her cock over and ocer. Im gonna get inside her now you gpt my cock hare and doggie is next to me ready to get filled good

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Do you suck your dog tammy

  • I'm a dog cock freak, being knotted with a big dog cock is the ultimate sexual pleasure a woman can experience. I think every woman should experience being knotted with a big dog cock. My favorite sexual experience was being gangbanged by 5 dogs one after another. I was so full of cum it was dripping out of my loose pussy for days after. I want to be gangbanged by 10 dogs next time, I can't wait.

  • How old are you

  • Do you suck the dogs

  • It's more common than most think. My ex-wife (divorced decades ago) was a rural tomboy type, great tight body, nice tits, and very friendly around dogs especially. I think she loved our dog more than me. She loved dog dick and would play with him all the time. When we broke up she kept the dog.

  • Did you see her fucking or playing with his dick

  • My gf got drunk and let the dog eat her out

  • Enjoy more should do it. Hope you give him oral . It’s hot

  • Hey Tammy are you on any of the beast forums?

  • Watching a girl being fucked by her dog is amazing! I hear that it's indescribable when he knots in you. Would love to see that

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