Colleague shares his wife's nude photos and videos online

My colleague was on leave and had to search for some document in his office computer. So I just opened a word document and found nude photos of his wife pasted in it with detailed description of her breasts and pussy and from the language it was addressed to strangers to comment and sent cum tributes. I further searched of video files like mp4 3gp etc. and found a folder with many porn and nude photos of many girls. I copied all such material to my pen drive. Later I added some of my own homemade porn without depicting my or my wife's faces for him to enjoy and share with his online stranger friends..

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Probably cos he's fucking someone else

  • At 20-25 my ex Judy posed for hundred of Kodacrome nudes for me. Some are rated PG13, some R, some pussy shots (not spread legs) but nothing X rated.
    About every 2 years we have a nice chat when we run into each other. We're friendly. She calls me at work, she's running for office. 'Are my nudes going to be a problem?' I tell her no way, besides you can sue me. She said thanks, I just had to know, I told my handlers and they wanted me to ask. She's a real looker for 50.

  • Call up her husband and say, have any nudes pictures of 20 year old Judy?
    Want to buy some?

  • That's an old joke but would be true here. Also my wife's ex BF took 100 nudes of her at 18 and 19. I would buy them in a heartbeat. We have 4 of them. My 500 of her start at 22,
    I had Judy's nudes done at a local lab. Rumored they made copies of young nudes. At the time it seemed like not a big deal, fringe benefit -- I'd do the same. No internet, no problem. Now: Nude you Congresswoman -- problem.
    Judy's ex
    PS She lost

  • I've found porn on essentially every personal computer I've looked in. Even in Iraq I found tons of porn, carefully hidden, in the government laptops we were issued. If the man has a wife or girlfriend, you can bet he has naughty pics and vid of her in it too.

    At first I'd eagerly look through it and copy it - if it was good. It got old and I stopped. The only time I was shocked by it was when I found it on a female coworkers computer. What made it shocking was nearly all of it was filmed here at work. Her BF would email her requests, she'd secretly film them and then email them back. I never met him but if I did I'd tell him she was a keeper

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