From i knew what sex is i always wanted a cock in me. Over time off geting fucked, i came home to find my father fucking my aunt her moans where loud. My mother was out off the country on a busniess trip and wont be back for a month.
The next morning i walked in the room and start plying with my pussy while looking at his cock. After couple day off doing this i knew i wanted him in me. So one morning i sank my pussy down on that thick cock he started tob moan as i started to ride him. He woke up seconds later shocked but i still continued. He started fucking me hard and came in me and we have been doing it for years now



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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Lets chat, we are an open couple, we are swingers we also like fuckchat about anything, we are Jan & Les

  • You sick fucks spend hours {some days} writing fake stories and posting them. I just do some research and copy and post facts.
    True facts that all your lies and disbelief won't change. But I'm having fun replying to your fake stories, so write some more. And I will post my replies to them.
    Keep this in mind when you write a new post and spend hours writing it! I will wreck it in less then 5 minutes. I will do it faster because I will now do what you sick fucks do all the time! I will repost the same shit over and over again and again.
    If all you sick fucks don't want to see my posts then don't post new one's.
    Go somewhere else.
    We are sick and tired of incest and pedophilia posts! Yes thats right there is more people posting with me, But feel free to blame it all on me.

  • Yeah exactly

  • I have 2kids by my dad,1 by my brother and 1 with my cousin and i am pregnant by my uncle,whats all the fuss about, family is everything.

  • Shut up DUDE thats right you are a guy and we know that. If you want to pretend to be a woman go to the panty and crossdresser posts.Ass hole

  • First it is fake!
    Second look at your writing. Are you a product of incest stupid fuck.
    Go write new ones and I will wreck them too.

  • Yep

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls all you do is spit lies including that you had incest when in fact. YOU NEVER HAD INCEST SICK FUCK!
    You lie so much you are now believing those lies.

  • You are replying to yourself yet again lol

  • Hey FUCK_ME_DADDY what happened dude. You won't sign in now that you where outed as a guy. Oh wait a transgendered guy with no dick but tits as you said it.

  • Drop dead incest lovers told you I won't stop. So get it into you super thick retarded heads. FUCK YOU AND YOUR INCEST POSTS!

  • Fuck you dude for writing this crap. Take your incest crap and shove it right back up your ass.

  • Your ass is reserved for your dad

  • Your reply is so lame. You are the incest loving nut jobs that would love your father fucking your ass stupid. Not me I hate incest incase you haven't figured that out yet. Dumb Ass

  • Go fucking kill yourself ass hole.

  • 42-year-old North Carolina man and his 20-year-old daughter have been arrested on incest charges after having a love child last year--and reportedly getting married
Steven Pladl, 42, of Knightdale, and Katie Pladl, 20, were arrested Jan. 27 Fuck you and your fake incest posts you stupid old fat guy. Thats right you are a GUY.

  • These people should never be arrested. The law needs to change

  • Nobody here cares what you say

  • Don't care dip shit.

  • An Elwood man, convicted as an adult of incest committed with his older aunt, was turned down last week by the Indiana Court of Appeals in his claim that his attorney should have raised a statute-of-limitation defense in his trial.
    The man was 23 in when he had consensual sex with his 34-year-old aunt, according to court records.

    The Herald Bulletin isn’t publishing names because of the nature of a sexual crime.
    Both the man and the biological aunt were charged with incest, Class C felony, for the incidents that occurred.
    The man pleaded guilty and was sentenced in Madison Circuit Court to six years with two of those years on work release and the remainder suspended to probation.

  • Quit preaching to the choir. Nobody here gives a rats ass.

  • You quit reposting the same fake incest crap all the time ass hole

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