Sounding my penis

I have been sounding my cock for around 10 years and can’t believe more guys haven’t found out about this exciting feeling. Sounding, the act of putting stainless steel rods down your pee hole takes some practice but worth it.
The feeling is absolutely amazing, like right before you cum but lasts longer
By the time you do cum it just keeps flowing out

There must be other guys that do this. Let me know that I’m not the only person Doing it.

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  • No you're not. My wife had a friend that sounded my cock when i was tied up to the bed. She started with small rods. Working it in and out of my cock. Then she used longer ones. And thicker ones. My wife was watching the whole time. It did hunt. But i couldn't believe that she made me cum from pumping the rod in and out of my cock. It felt great. And my wife loved it. Years later now my wife can get her pinky finger into my piss hole. We have a rod that has a hole in it and clips onto my cock and I can keep it in me all day. I can pee and cum through it. My wife has really gotten into stretching my hole. Its like Surrendering to a woman. And the orgasm is great. Just make sure you use stainless steel rods. Once you get used to the pain there's nothing better.

  • It can hurt. I also have one with a hole that I keep in all day. Starts at 6mm and gets to 13 mm at its thickest point, I use it almost daily. For real pleasure I use longer ones that I can message my prostate , now that’s good.
    There has to be more of us.

  • I also have one that I leave in for long periods of time. I can’t seem to get to 13 mm no matter how much stretching I do. My goal is 16mm.
    I’m thinking of cutting my penis hole just a bit so I can get bigger ones in.
    Sounds bold but I’m on a mission

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