Mother in laws panties

We lived with the in-laws for a while a few years back. My wife’s pussy and ass have a amazing taste and smell. Regularly would cum into her panties. Told her about it and she loved it.......

Anyway, one day I accidentally came across her mothers in the laundry basket. I couldn’t resist it.

OMG I hit the fucking jackpot. My wife’s were good but these were another level. This was the start of many many months of cumming multiple times into them.

It was clear her and husband no longer had a sexual relationship. Which is odd considering she is very milfy and clearly has a very tasty pussy and ass. Anyway, one day my back was killing me. I usually got my wife to sit on my back as pressure seemed to help(probably not helpful). She was out. I politely asked mother in-law to sit on my back. Full disclosure, I knew her husband was in the shower and the time...

She is much heavier than her daughter and it felt amazing but what felt better was that she was clearly rubbing her bits on my boney spine. Then the bathroom door opened and she got off and asked did it help. I didn’t dare move as I had a hardon that could have cut diamonds. Said thanks and went about our respective days.

The panties abuse long continued but I’m pretty sure she knew what I was doing. She would advise me that she was doing a wash at some point and I should add whatever I needed to the basket. Low and behold there was a fresh set of panties waiting for me. I gladly obliged by destroying them with cum.

Nothing was ever said between us but that made it better.

9 months ago

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    • Mother in-law has a very nice ass and tit s i just love sniffing and licking the taste of her slit from her pantie👙💋

    • Wife's mothers panties are the best I love her scent the way she tastes also like how good her panties look on me when a wearing them

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