Is it weird to masturbate with my tooth brush before I shower?

So everytime I shower I get an electric toothbrush and I masturbate with it until I orgasm. Is this okay?

11 months ago

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    • Okay, to any girls who may read this. My name is Karen, and I am a nurse okay? Using an electric toothbrush to masturbate CAN be safe. First, you have to realize that they are NOT designed for that purpose, and as such could cause nerve damage to your clitoris if you use it too much. But the main issue would be infection. A used toothbrush is FILTHY! They will almost certainly give you an infection, so be safe. Buy yourself a replacement “brush” and never use it to brush your teeth. Wash it after EVERY use. And store it in a cool, dry place. Also, just to be safe, wash it before you use it as well. Keep it somewhere away from the electric part, so it is never used by accident. When I was in high school that was my vibrator of choice. I kept the spare “brush-head” in my purse. Even when my mother found it I just said, “oh I always keep one of those in my purse, they are so much smaller than a regular toothbrush, but its always there in an emergency” my mom thought it such a good idea, she actually kept one in HER purse to actually brush her teeth! So you will never have to fear getting caught! Just limit the use to one or twice a week MAX, and don’t press down hard, just touch yourself very lightly. They truly are able to cause nerve damage to your clitoris girls. But as long as you are careful... have fun!

    • Oh, and you can NEVER get electrocuted by a battery operated toothbrush! Whoever said that has literally ZERO understanding of the physics of electricity! So don’t worry if its wet!

    • Yes, just keep it clean so whenever you use it it's fresh. Happy cumming!

    • Only if it’s my toothbrush

    • Sure it’s ok.

    • Not at all but take care that the brush is not soaked in water, might get electrocuted. But why don't you go for a vibrator-dildo to choose from many. Surf website.

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