Walk and cum

First day back to work was like first day of school you were a kid. I laid out my outfit the day before, and was almost to excited to sleep in anticipation. I had not worn dress clothes or really any clothes period in almost six month. I put my bra on which sucks, I hate bras. But with the dress I wore my tits looked amazing. Lastly my black tights. I stayed up late perfectly painting my toes knowing I was covering them with pantyhose and heels. Everything was fine until the elevator open and I started on the walk to my cube. The second stepped out the elevator I realized no panties was a terrible idea. The seam in the crotch of my pantyhose rubbed me the right way at the wrong time. It’s probably less than twenty steps to my cube and it felt like a million. I couldn’t break stride, people were around but my knees were getting weaker with every step. When I saw my desk I Superman leaped to my chair. I’m glad I wore a suit jacket over my dress to catch my sweat. And I stuffed all the tissue in my cube down my pantyhose to dry up my flood. Thank goodness for social distancing, I didn’t have get up for anything until I had to pee, which gave me a chance to finish myself off. I love finding new ways to tease myself in public, so my panty drawer is gonna be lonely at least until it’s warm outside again.

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  • I wanna fuck you

  • Try a massage pearl g string. They’re amazing.

  • Love to hear more of what you do to get off

  • Wow its hot

  • Thank you for making me smile , from nyc

  • Wow you sexy queen

  • Mmm, that is a hell of a thought.

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