12 yo whore daughter

My daughter is 12 years old and absolutely the nastiest whore I have ever met. I have caught her over 100 times sending nudes via all social media platforms. She has profiles on stranger fuck sights and uses them. She is feeding the Pedophiles Community of our whole town. We have even found her two towns away. She has thought she was pregnant multiple times so we would have to go to doctor and check on her birth control status. Which tells me she is letting all these strange MEN cum inside her pussy. She runs away constantly just for sex as if she has no control of herself, Nymphomaniac. Her room is always a disaster the fucking child is so lazy, lazy as shit, does nothing at all around the house to help. I have found her nasty panties all over the floor with what looked and smelled like male cum dripping off the area her pussy would be located. The other two pairs where dry and hard as cardboard. She walks around the house with fake eyelashes, tube top and thong panties constantly when her mother is gone at work. She will also shower then go to her room and leave her door WIDE open, not even attempt to close it a little, then lay on her bed with her legs spread WIDE OPEN and start putting things in her pussy (comb, sharpies, makeup tubes, really anything circular). We just caught her in possession of her Mother’s custom Dildo that was made from a cast of my Cock (her own Father). She is an extremely emotion and aggressive child so when confronting her it just ends in Chaos for everyone. What is going on here does anyone else deal with similar circumstances? I feel like she has an interest to fucking her own father and it is really scaring me. I pray for the best but prepared for the worst

9 months ago


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    • As her father confine her for 7 days in her room and give her a series of good fucking only in her pussy - make her cunt sore for a few days. She will be OK!

    • Pimp her out and atleast cash in on her

    • Ask her, if you got a dog, would she be open to fucking him instead of random guys. At least that way, she won't get pregnant, and it's just a matter of time before she finds just the wrong guy who ends up cutting her throat.

    • What's her information

    • Sounds like daddy is not doing his job. You need to man up and fuck your daughter at least 3 times a day, to quinch her desire for cock.

    • You and your wife definitely need to have a talk with professionals as this kind of lifestyle will more often than not lead to someone going to jail and at this point there's no need for it to be you or your wife. If she persists with this kind of behavior then make a serious effort to have her placed into a facility to help her professionally so that she has some hope of a life that isn't spent battling this reckless kind of behavior. I couldn't imagine being in that type of family with a daughter behaving in that manner. I certainly don't want to read one day of you going to prison for a stupid misguided act. Having sex with a young girl is a great fantasy but its best kept a Fantasy or else you will find yourself behind bars and forever without your family.

    • That's not nice calling your daughter a whore!! She just wants attention and she will continue as long as you make a big deal over everything. There is plenty of help out there, my advice is to seek some. It is fixable if you want too!! Good Luck!! Steve

    • Why don't you fuck her regularly in the privacy of your home? She won't look for random guys!

    • İs it Real?

    • Your daughter needs psychological help.

    • Ya think ?

    • She has a problem but you will never be able to resolve it she will be a whore just make the most of it

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