My cousin carter

So me and my cousin carter have always been best friends and we'd always sleep over at eachothers houses. I'm 15 and he's 13, I'm not gay but i get horny like everyone else my age.
Anyways, me being a horny teen i was very curious about dicks , I'd already had a girl so i wanted ro try a dick. Since i already felt comfortable with carter i began to drop hints and atuff like that about cocks. Soon he would too but nothing bad really happened besides us talking about sex and stuff like that.
A couple weeks later he came to spend a night and it went by pretty normal, playing video games and watching movies. When we were about to go to sleep we started talking about sex and i noticed he had a boner. So i told him if he wanted to jerkoff he could so he did and i soon followed. His dick was about 4 and a half inches long but it looked good, mine was about 5 and 3/4ths which is average for my age i think.
Soon we both came and went to bed, but i was still thinking about his cock and how it would feel.
The next day (he stayed for three days) we played games but once we were about to sleep he asked if i wanted to jerkoff with him, i eagerly agreed . We undressed and i saw his dick sticking straight ahead and instantly got hard.
We started to jerkoff and soon i asked if he ever gotten a blow job, he said no so i asked if he wanted one. He said it didn't matter but i could tell he wanted one so i began to suck on him. He tasted so good and warm, it smelled good too. I took it out of my mouth and started to jerk him off for a bit. He moaned and it made me want it even more. He started to touch my dick as i ate his dick and it felt amazing. He went to the edge of the bed and i told him to face fuck me. His dick barley reached the back of my throat but with him choking me and grabbing my dick it felt like heaven. Soon he came into my mouth and i spat it back onto his dick then he started to dick slap me as i sucked up all his cum. He jerked me off and liked up my cum . We made out for about an hour then went to bed.
The next night he told me get on my knees and i was ready for his dick !!!! He slapped me and pulled my face against his dick , i started to kiss the bulge through his pants, he really liked this. He faced fucked me for an hour than bent me over and fucked the hell out of my ass.
It was the best weekend ever, we still do this monthly.



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