Woman in my thirties and yes, I love sex

My husband was really surprised that on our second date I invited back to my place and we talked for a while, had some tea, I found out he was not a fan of it. So after a few hours of just getting to know each other some more I just moved over on top of him and started kissing him. He passed the first test because he was and is a great kisser and his hands did not immediately go groping around my body, instead he brought one hand up and began lightly caressing and massaging my neck. I was turned on right away.
So we progressed to the bedroom about twenty minutes later, my unders were soaked already as I felt them staying right in place walking there, I was wearing a dress and them so getting me naked was a breeze. He started caressing and massaging me all over my back then to my complete delight my feet. I looked at him and thought you have no idea what a woman's feet in sandals goes thru all day so I suggested a shower for both of us. I gave him my best sexy let's go shower look and pulled his hand then went and turned it on while he undressed.
Once we were cleaned up I handed him a bottle of lotion and we got back in bed, I told him it goes everywhere except my armpits. OMG he gave me the best massage I had ever received from someone who did not do it for a living, he was even better than some of them. He began kissing my body and five minutes into him finally getting to the grand prize I was already planning our wedding. He is still like that today, he will massage me for half an hour teasing and relaxing me then make love to me without any regard for his own pleasure.
So when he came home with the news of his new promotion last year I was really happy for him but it would involve travel. The first few trips were hard living without him on a daily basis, we talked everyday over video chat but not nearly the same, his morning was my evening. I decided to give him a real treat one evening though totally surprising him with me pleasuring myself.
I set it up and sat on the bed naked waiting for his call and when it came his first response was "Wow, you are naked!!" I had never done something like this before in front of someone let alone over video chat but he was very enthusiastic about it.
The next day I found myself trying to think of something sexual I could do for our next chat but nothing was coming to me but then my mind went down this path of what is the strangest thing around the house I could fit inside me. I began searching around and looking at things in a whole new way and found quite a few things that I thought would work but nothing was quite right. I then had a great idea and headed to the food store, there I was perusing the cucumbers, looking for something not real big but not real small either. I found a few to try in varying sizes then was walking past the bananas and picked up a few of those also.
He came into view and saw me naked again and a big smile came across his face, he told me something like I guess you are feeling pretty horny this week without me. I then pulled the items into view telling him he would get to watch me try and have some fun with these. He was so excited watching me play with myself and actually pushed myself to the limit with the big one, he commented that I better not stretch myself out to bad as he was seeing it fill me. When he got home about a week later it was incredibly bad timing because my cycle had started the day before he was coming home. I would usually still play with him though during them giving him plenty of oral and sometimes letting him just rub me thru my clothes but we had not had sex at all in just over two weeks so I knew he was going to be really bummed.
He arrived home and we immediately began kissing, I was so glad to see him and it felt so good begin in his arms. He slid one of his hands right under the back of my pants and felt the "big" panties then stopped, I gave him the bad news but told him not to worry I had fun plans for him.
So at the beginning of the year when his office went into stay at home mode things were nice having him around, he set up an office in one of the spare bedrooms and I got the kids trained up on not bothering him. I checked on him one day about a month into this whole thing and asked if he needed anything, I walked around and checked on the kids then went downstairs again to get him something to drink. I was walking back upstairs thinking he needs a blow job and I knew our kids would not leave their rooms until they were hungry. I went into the room and closed the door behind me then locked it, he gave me a what is up babe look and I set his water down then went down on my knees. He was not on a meeting or anything so I began pulling at his shorts and got my fingers around his cock, he was into it as I pulled them down to his ankles and he slid to the edge of the chair. I sucked him hard and fast just in case something did come up with the kids, he told me after I was done that he really loved it and gave me a kiss.
I went back downstairs and told myself I need to do that to him daily, I could tell it made his day so I have been doing it daily. I had no idea this thing would last months but I really love doing it and we have had some really great fun now that the kids went back to school. He has been told they will not be back in the office until the beginning of 2021 so our sex life has been awesome this past month. I sometimes walk around doing all the normal house stuff naked, he can see me a lot from the office with the door open, I love distracting him with little visits.


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  • 1971 I was a lifeguard at an ocean resort town, and getting lots of young pussy.
    Lived in a crowed rental complex with other LGs. There was an outdoor 2 head community shower shared with 2 other rentals. Usually guys used it, girls the indoor ones. Taking a shower and a chubby but sex lady, in her 40's pokes her head in from the dressing area "hey sexy, mind if I use the other shower."
    Go ahead -- what could I say -- no and pussy out? She's chatty as hell, probably from the situation. She's married, 2 kids. Husband and kids using the indoor shower. She didn't want to wait. We're both trying keep our backs to each other but at one point we both turned front. Her eyes light up. I'm hung pretty good and I got a semi from washing it. "I shouldn't say this but I'll be forever cursing myself if I don't. What's your name? Mine's Maria"
    "Billy want a blowjob?" and she said that way, no comma.
    And it was a good one.

  • Sounds glorious, in my 30’s too which I swear I’m more horny now than ever. I have a flexible job, so with school back in session, it has boosted our sex. Just this week, got called home by my wife for a mid morning booty call in which she hung some stretchy boxer briefs from the bathroom door knob and went all out on some sexy lingerie......then just yesterday I went home for lunch just as she was getting in the tub to soak and asked if I was getting in with her......I did and she got me all worked up with her feet. Been a good week.

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