Penis hole stretching

I have been using stainless steel sounding rods to stretch my penis hole for three years and absolutely love it , but can’t seem to get past 10 mm. I have heard of some guys cutting their hole slightly to get larger diameter rods in.
Call me nuts but I’m ready to do it.

Does anyone else stretch their pee hole and have thought of doing this ?
If anyone has done this please give me some tips.

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  • I have stretched my pee slit to 12 mm, will go for 16 gradually... Yes, make a small cut underneath the slit and push in your index finger well lubed. It will easily stretch further.

  • Did you actually make a cut using a razor blade or Something similar?
    How deep and how long was the cut ? Was painful and how long did it take to heel?
    Need some tips

  • A surgical blade is better but a clean sanitized blade may do as well to make a few mm cut. If you insert a sounder or an inch long tightly rolled tissue paper into your pee hole the slit will stretch enough to do the cut and there will be little pain. Soak off the blood with disinfectant, takes hardly a week to heal. meanwhile go on stretching the slit further.

  • Thanks for the advice. Now I just have to build up the courage to do it.
    Wish me luck when I go through with it

  • Aim for breaking the inner ring just behind the knob by stretching!

  • I got everything I need to go for it. I will stretch out my pee hole first then make a cut.
    Going to do it in the next couple of days

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