Do you like watching men cumming?

I am not gay...but watching a guy busting a big but while stroking his cock makes me hard.

Does watching someone pleasuring themselves get you excited?

11 months ago


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    • For me it does big time

    • Honestly, I love feeling a man cumming inside of me. The risk, thrill and scared feeling make me get off so hard knowing his little swimmers are trying to hunt for my egg. Had several scares but so far been lucky lol.

    • Straight but bi-curious and yes! watching a cock ejaculate gets me hard.

    • I love looking at twinks smooth assholes and balls l get a Hardin just thinking about it

    • Me to i bet i would like you to fuck my twink femm boy ass

    • Bi male here. I love watching a man pleasure himself and cumming I find it a great turn on while I masturbate

    • Yes

    • Yes, but I’m a woman! I’m shocked at how many gay men are on this site!

    • How old are you?

    • I’m not gay but,,, 40 years ago for a number of years me and a buddy used to fuck and suck eachother regularly,, loved to watch eachother jerk off,,sit around naked,, it was the f word,,,fun

    • What makes it so appealing for you to watch out of curiosity? Straight guy here.

    • Try it, then you’ll know,, for me it just happened hanging around one night a little stoned, in our 20’s, both with girlfriends,, we decided to jerk off in front of eachother which led to to sucking and fucking,,, good time

    • For sure you are homosexual. A straight man would never do that.
      Just the thought makes me nausiated.

    • I love shemale porn too, I’d love to hook up with a beautiful Latina with a nice big dick

    • Sounds good

    • I think me, crowbar, nyc and west coast pro should meet in the middle,, Kansas for a week of sucking and fucking?, actually I have a second home down south, mmmmm, would love to take 8” in the ass while I suck off west coast

    • I want to suck

    • Lots of old guys on here and I’m one of them, give me some old dick to suck

    • I’m 63 would love to have you suck me

    • I would like to suck your dick

    • Wife loves watching me release over her boobs :)

    • I can’t say this enough and have no idea why no one is replying, 64, shaved, married, clean, discretion a MUST,, would love to play with, lick, suck, tongue,, an older cock like mine,, I’ve been jerking off so much I’m practically skinless

    • I shaved mine to and I would like you to suck my dick and I want to suck yours to

    • I’m 63 yo 6 feet brown hair green eyes athletic build 230 lbs. I would love to play.

    • There has to be a place you could find a guy to pleaser. If l lived in that area you could watch me in panties jerk off.

    • I’d love to help you do it, how old are you?

    • I l...o...v...e it. I'm a woman in my late 30s and sexually very active!

    • Thete is a special place in heaven for horny girls like you.
      Keep fingering that pussycunt. lol

    • I’ve decided you’re full of it

    • Put that dildo between those legs and I’ll suck it like a dick while I jerk off on your feet, then I’ll lick them clean and we can share it

    • Well?

    • 67. I’m fit, not over weight and shaved all over. Love wearing panties and am very comfortable being nude around other people. I have never had another man make me cum.

    • I’m 63 yo 6 feet brown hair green eyes athletic build bubble butt. I would love to make you cum

    • Would you like me to make you cum if I was nearby? Are you married? If so, your wife HAS to know since your totally shaved. I would suck on 67 year old dick like there’s no tomorrow. Have you jerked off anyone or just you jerk off in front of men?

    • I’m 63 and had another guy jerkoff looking at my ass on FaceTime and cum. He wanted me to wear a jock strap. It was awesome

    • I am married and the wife does not know that I’ve jerked off in front of other guys. Don’t know if I could get off on a guy sucking my dick , and can’t think of a dick in my ass.

    • Give it time and you may graduate to that. You are obviously a homo. ugh!

    • How did you round up these guys to jerk off in front of?

    • What did the other guys do while you jerked off, did the do the same?

    • I’m curious about this

    • They watched until they to got horny. Then out it comes

    • How are you my west coast friend?

    • I’m going to jerk off later thinking of you in your panties, shaved and hard as a rock.

    • I have loved sucking and jacking boys and never stopped. I love moms jacking thier sons big cocks. I know cause i started cumming a few days and i alsi shot meth. Im telling you dads moms sons daughters any family members please please fuck them. My god you can't make it better.

    • The wife just left for a hair appointment giving me a couple of hours to shave and slip on some panties. I picked my purple French cut with black lace, super sexy. I have enough time to use my anal prostate vibrator and milk myself crazy. By the time I cum I’ll be exhausted.
      Nice on the West Coast

    • How was your morning west coast ?

    • Time for lunch and a few beers. What happens to us went we get older ?
      I’m always horny and have come up with new ways to get off. How about you fellas? I can cum twice in one session, never used To do that.
      W C is great

    • Is your wife shaved?

    • No. She likes me shaved but it makes her itch

    • My wife is shaved, the funny thing is maybe 5 years ago we were at our place down south where we fuck like rabbits and I touched her pussy and it was shaved, she reached for my dick and I was shaved, first time for both of us, the only time we let it grow is for a doc appt, it’s great fun to watch the two bald ones go at it

    • WC ?, west coast?

    • My wife is out for the afternoon too, I’ll be raw thinking of you

    • Of course, I’d do the same

    • I hear you, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a lot of that,maybe like 5 years since the basement thing and 30 for all the real down and dirty stuff. I would definitely jerk off with you though and 100% understand where you’re coming from. However if ever did get together I would have to that smooth thing a few licks

    • I have had a fetish for years that my wife has excepted but still thinks I’m crazy. I love to eat my own cum. I can cum in my wife’s pussy, her ass, or masturbate and I lick. My wife is in great shape so she can still push My cum out. So I guess if you lick my cock once or twice it wouldn’t hurt

    • Does she encourage you to eat your cum out of her or does she just put up with it?

    • She puts up with it

    • A few years ago at my nephews stag, me and this stripper who I was throwing 20’s at, kind of “connected”, so I told all my relatives I was leaving and came back in about 15 min, went in the club the back way and literally bumped into her, she wanted 50
      For a bj and I told her I’ll give you 150 if you let me lick your asshole and suck your toes that were gorgeous ,, sure, so I did, she blew me, took every drop and then kissed me so hard and long and deep, swapping my cum with me,, it was fucking great, I think about that a lot when I jerk off

    • My wife is soon to be 64,, up every morning at 5:30 half hour on the treadmill,,I golf once a week,,,and take a cart,,, we could really be good jerk off buddies,,

    • I’ve only eaten my cum out of my wife a couple of times, when I’m fucking I always say I’m going to do it and once i come I lose the desire,,every so often I’ll jerk off into my hand and lick it when I’m in the shower, it’s a quick clean up..just out of curiosity where do you live? Believe me, I’m not going to knock on your door

    • I love licking my cum out of my wife’s ass

    • I’d like to suck your cum out of your wife’s ass

    • I’m on the west coast. A long way from NY.

    • Connecticut,, but the same thing,, have fun my friend, I’d love to text you but I’m not fond of my info being out there,, but I swear on my kids and my 99 year old mother,NOTHING you send me will ever get out, id love to see you in your panties all shaved

    • It’s hard to Put your info out there , you just never know. Being a professional person and father of 5 it could be a killer. But. It doesn’t stop me from thinking about a load of cum on my panties while you watch or maybe help

    • Ever thought of texting me?

    • Same boat my friend, and by saying this I’m not suggesting anything. That would be bullet in the head time

    • Would you??

    • Yes I would

    • Oh yeah

    • I’m relatively fit, could lose a bit of a gut, and shaved where it counts, read some of these, about a card game, in a basement, that’s me. One night in our early 20’s one of my buddies said to me: I want to suck you off”, knew it was coming at some point, carried on for a few years. The best was after my stag,,,Jesus,,,,we fucked each other, even prior to that it got heavy quick after the first time, I have a million stories,,,

    • This guy I’m mentioning here is the card game, basement guy

    • Watch me come I'm a male

    • See below

    • If you have a strap on I’ll blow you,,,,

    • We used to play cards years ago on Monday’s during the football season, did it for years. It was my turn at some point and a friend showed up early, real early. I knew something was up and before long it was our Dicks,, I used to love to French kiss while we played with each other, feel the little whiskers,, well we got into a 69 and had a great time, when all the other guys came over it was pretty cool that we just blew each other and no one knew,, of course he stayed after every one left and helped me clean up,,,I’m like a crowbar just thinking about this from 35 years ago,,,I need to suck a dick badly

    • No volunteers?

    • I’d like to get together with 3-4 guys here in ct for a sausage fest , ages 63-70, any interest? I’m married and extremely discreet,,clean and shaved, and 64 yrs old

    • I want a 65 year old guy to suck off

    • Not 65 only 62 any good :)

    • Very good

    • So,, where are you?

    • Again, where are you?

    • That wil do

    • Where are you ?

    • Connecticut

    • I'm 18 now, but look 14 or 15 , but its so easy to get guys to jerk off for me. Especially guys from 20 to 50. I get them alone at the park, strip down and let them fondle my cock and ass, as they jerk off on to my face.

      First time it happened I was 11, and my brother's friend who was 26 paid me $50 to let him do it. I liked being touched by a man. Felt so natural to be used that way, tasted cum that first time. Became hooked on it.

      Now do it for free.

    • A tad young for me,,

    • Makes me very hot,,,

    • I’m not gay either but it is kind of a turn on. I was at a hot mineral spring where clothing is optional and this guy got out ,sat on a rock and jerked off till he came. He said he was sorry if it bothered me , but I
      ( for some reason) quickly said no. I was turned on.
      Next thing I was on a rock jerking off in front of two Men.
      Never forgot it.

    • Mmmmmmmmm

    • Wow,,that sounds so good

    • Yes it does , l'm a man and l fuck my wife all the time , but I ache for huge , thick vieny cocks , shooting big loads . My cock is a thick 8 incher and l wish it were bigger , so l'm working on my wife to agree to a three some with a massive cock we can both suck together , then watch him bang her and we both drink his milk.

    • Mmmmmmm

    • Been there, nothing better

    • I want that big veiny thing in my mouth

    • I want to suck that big inches

    • Thank you , l want to suck you too

    • If you suck me you won’t get any hair in your mouth,,,,

    • Any guys on here shaved like me?

    • I am a big cock smooth ass twink if you are too and want send pics too

    • I shave my genitals and ass. I’m 63

    • How do you shave your ass?

    • Very carefully with a Gillette razor

    • You asked, I answered, so where are you?

    • Yes, I am

    • How do we make that happen?

    • I'm open to suggestions

    • I like to jerk off on s n a p.

    • Got any?

    • Geography will come into play

    • 8 inches,,,sorry i was very excited

    • Hope l can get you real excited and tongue your head while you're shooting a nice big load

    • Yup

    • The loads aren’t what they used to be,,a few years ago I got together with my friend in his basement, he went up to get us drinks and I got naked, when he came down he was pleasantly surprised and got naked too. He surprised me by not wanting me to do him, but he did me and when I came in his mouth he said, that’s not the load I remember from 30 years ago,,,yea no shit

    • So where do you live?

    • I'm like a crowbar right now, when my friend and i used to blow each other i never thought i could get harder, but i am now

    • Right down your throat,, but we need to share it

    • Where do you live?

    • Oops wife just came out

    • Ok back in,,,

    • Almost caught me on this

    • If you're close let's meet alone and suck each other off

    • I live in NY City

    • I’m in New Jersey and curious

    • My friend used to say that, let’s suck other off

    • Crowbar it's NYC , talk to me

    • Crowbar here

    • Hey nyc,, what up? My hairless balls are waiting for your tongue

    • Morning Crowbar , just lying in my NYC bed rubbing my hot 8 incher , thinking about stroking your soft swollen balls before I put your head in my mouth , is my cum to far from you

    • Morning Crowbar , just lying in bed rubbing my hot 8 incher , thinking about stroking your soft swollen balls before I put your head in my mouth , so is NYC to far from your cock

    • I’m done with the city, in four months it’s become a rat hole, giving up my ranger tix, not walking from grand central to the garden, no more bar at Bryant Park, and for goddam sure
      Not walking back to the garden at 10 o’clock, I’ll just have to fantasize about us fucking and sucking

    • Ok , we'll play , l look forward to it , nyc

    • Let’s play

    • Hey baby,, it’s crowbar, glad you understand,I’ll just imagine sucking that big 8 incher

    • What’s your deal? Not sure, married , kids, age?

    • I meant to say walking back to grand central from the garden, but the thought of your big veiny cock got me all discombobulated,, I want to suck on your big balls and lick that 8 incher

    • God I really do, nyc, when my friend and I used to do each other, he was easy, long but thin, I’m, well I was, long and thick, he loved it,,

    • Good morning Crowbar from NYC , 5am , just washed up , my equipment is nice and clean , sprayed coconut cologne on my body so l smell nice for you , my tongue is ready to lick around your balls and up and down your hard shaft and circle around your head then kiss your tip softly and rub your precum on my lips . My cock is nice and hot , just waiting for you to suck it ,

    • You’re up early, I’m hopping in the shower, I’ll get nice and hard while I shave and then blow a load in my hand and lick it up imagining it’s your cum

    • Thanks Crowbar , save your next fresh load of milk for my mouth , tell me what you want to do to me , later l'm going to the beach , l usually take the sun in my tight colorful jockey briefs , l like showing off my fit body . I'll watch all the hot guys going by and fantasize that one of them is you and you stop to talk to me

    • God, I want to suck your dick,,stroke it, lick it, suck on your head while i play with your balls, stick the tip of my tongue in your pee hole,stick my tongue up your asshole,

    • Where are you?

    • I wish with you

    • Me too, I want to fall asleep with your dick in my mouth 👄

    • If you got sand in your ass crack id tongue it out for you, when my friend and used to fuck each other we’d reach around and stroke the fuckees dick, felt like yours was a mile long, I read that in a penthouse letter years ago,,speaking of years, do I know how old you are or marital status etc?

    • Hey,, no more dirty talk? Now I have to resort to sucking my cum out of my wife’s ass instead of yours,,, both are good , but you’re way more exciting,,

    • Enjoy your fuck , l'm gonna give it to my wife real good this morning , we both need it , and I will be eating as much of my cum as l can , she's in the shower now , she's gonna smell and taste real sweet . My 63 year old cock is always so hot , enjoy all you naughty cocks and cunts , always want more , will be here , nyc8incher

    • Does your wife know about you wanting to suck dick?

    • We only mention us sucking and fucking another cock or pussy when we talk dirty to each other while we're fucking but we've never taken it any further , we both enjoy the fantasy but l'll keep teasing her with the idea , gonna enjoy each other later

    • How was it?

    • Had to put the pleasure on hold , gonna try in the morning , my cock is aching , let you know after we drain each other , keep your meat hot

    • Why?

    • Had to rescue my daughter , car troubles in Jersey ,

    • Everything ok?

    • Yep ,

    • We talk about blowing eachother and all that stuff, but bottom line, when one of your kids needs you, that is number one,

    • Good

    • So what’s up nyc?

    • Same old , taken the sun in the back yard , cocks hot but I'm waiting for my balls to reload , did my 5 mile walk , no hot meat around

    • Hey Crowbar , how you been , just lying in bed rubbing my hot meat . Wish I had your head in my mouth , nyc

    • Yo,,

    • Cb here, just watching some gay porn while the wife is out,,,actually bi porn, mmf, need a woman who's into that,,,

    • Hey Cb , it's nyc , how about leaving the bi porn on , and make believe you're sleeping , see if she watches or turns it off ,

    • She’s watched it with me, the juices flow, same with lesbians, but not interested in trying it

    • Ok Cb , back to square one , maybe sneak a cock , nyc

    • Your cock, mmmmm

    • Hey Cb how's it going , nyc

    • All is well my friend, in SC, hanging out, wife, dog,,, same old shit

    • Hey Cb , good to hear from you , keeping busy , no dog , my wife keeps enjoying my cum in her mouth and pussy but l'm still aching for a hot , hard cock , would love to kiss your balls nice and soft and feel your throbbing meat pulse into my mouth, l'll be here , let's keep looking

    • Nyc

    • I wish I had your hot cock in my mouth right now Cb , l wanna taste your warm milk , nyc

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