Jeanne caught by neighbor topless

My wife Jeanne was changing for the night when one of our former neighbors came over to visit. Larry and his wife Pam came over and Jeanne didn't know they were in the living room and walked out with her shirt and bra off. Larry and Pam got to see her tits. Jeanne said oops, sorry and went to put on a shirt. I wonder if Larry was comparing Jeanne's tits and nipples to Pam's. The thought of it turned me on. I alway's fantasized about Jeanne and Pam wrestling each other topless. Larry and myself both had hard ons!!!!

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  • My wife Jill when we were 18 and virgins she would give my blowjobs on the hood of my Bronco. We had a private great view spot off a dirt road. It was almost spiritual. We'd be naked, me laying on the warm hood, her standing and sucking me off. She loved doing, she'd give me 3 or 4 a day. But the dirt road spot she'd cum with me. Fast forward 14 years. We like to reenact the Bronco (still have it) blowjobs in the garage. The good neighbor is in a panic, his pool has algae and I'm pool expert. Jill and I are naked, she giving me a hood blowjob. It's a hot day and we kept the back door open, no one can see us from outside.. just as we're both cuming Bob walks in. Jill doesn't see him but I do. She keeps sucking every last drop. Bob is holding him mouth, "OMG I'm sorry."
    All 3 of us are in shock and no one knows what do for a good minute.
    I fix his algae problem an hour later and he apologies 100x.
    PS Jill still sees Bob and his wife at Church 30 years later. Once they were in the same pew and all 3 started laughing, I'm sure all 3 were reliving the BJ incident.

  • You should have sucked larry's dick in front of them

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