White guy that wants to be fucked by huge dark black cocks like a

The first time I saw a black cock when was 15 yrs old fell in love. I have secretly been obsessed by huge black cock for over 30 years and it only grows stronger every day. I have become especially attracted to big strong dark skinned masculine black men with extremely huge cocks. The bigger and blacker they are the more excited I become. I want to be fucked as though I am a woman but I don't act gay in any way, until it is for sex. Behind closed doors I become a little bitch and want black cock like a woman does. I want black men to fuck me like a porn star. I want to have my throat fucked by the biggest black cock I can and take every inch down to the balls and feel the balls slapping off my chin as I get my throat fuck really good as I get my ass pounded like only alpha black men could. The problem is that I only want black bulls that are 100 percent all man and don't know how to go about approach black men and tell them I want them to fuck me. How can I make that happen??


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  • I had My 1st black cock when I was 16 and at college and I knew then that, that was what I wanted. Since then I've been a total slut for any black man or men who wants Me. I honestly don't know how many black cocks I've sucked and been fucked by over the years. For Me I Love Black guys Because they seem to be fitter, and in better physical shape than white guys. They have far longer and thicker cocks than most white guys, and as someone said down-thread they last a lot longer and (in My opinion) they fuck a whole lot better. I spend a lot of time going to adult bookstores, adult cinemas glory-holes and the like and sucking and being fucked By as many black cocks as I can get. I've Been spit-roasted and I've been gangbanged One time in a gay sauna 9 guys face-fucked me and came in My mouth and 13 fucked My ass. I loved being used and dominated like that. to the poster of this thread I suggest you find an adult bookstore or cinema that has gloryholes. Kneel down and wait for a black cock to come through the hole, open Your mouth lick your lips and lean forward. Its that easy!!!!!!! I hope that if and when You experience Your first big black cock You'll tell us all bout it. :)

  • I ache for massive throbbing black meat to suck and fuck

  • I'd rather ache, After I've sucked and Been mercilessly fucked by massive throbbing black meat!!!!!!!!

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • That's what I do. Ive placed ads on double list. Ive had my ass fucked many times before by both black and white guys. White guys tend to cum to fast. Black men love to fuck ass. And last a lot longer. The biggest cock ive had in my ass was 9 inches he could fuck for ever. My ass was sore after him lol. He was the first guy that I could feel him cumming inside of me. He shot a big load in me. But it doesn't matter whether the guy is black or white it's about the sex.

  • Try placing an ad on doublelist.

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