Blew My Mind And Penis During My Birthday

I grew up in a easy going household. No real conflicts and no strict rules. When I hit puberty my mom was all I could think of and wacked off. She was a sexy blonde who watched her figure. She's very short and had a body that would give anyone a boner if they saw her in a bikini like I did. No tits but a hot ass. Now years later she keeps asking me if her body is appealing at her age. I keep telling her "Yes". If she only knew how much I wanted her years back. She told me I have become a 'Hunk' in woman terms describing men.
My 21st birthday was coming up and legally be able to drink at the bars. My folks and grandmother, dad's mom, was going to give my a party. Sort of a 'sweet 16' party but an adult twenty-one party. They told me there be plenty of booze there and porn flicks at grandma's house. This threw me for a loop. I never expected them to be porn heads, especially grandma, she was going on 60.
When I got to grandma's house after drinking at the bars with my buddies, grandma's table was stacked with porn and booze. Mom was braless with her nipples poking her shirt. Being late at night grandma had her robe on. The TV was on and porn was playing. Dad handed out the drinks in the living room where we all was at. I was going to sit in the sofa chair, but mom hinted to me to sit next to her saying, "There's plenty of room on the couch for all of us!"
As we watched the porn and drank my dad pulled out his dick. What really surprised me was that grandma, dad's mom, grabbed it. Me being sort of boozed up pulled my dick out and my mom looked at it. "Oh my! Thick one!" she said as she took off her blouse exposing her small puffy breasts and grabbed my cock. Grandma opened her robe so dad could play with her tits. "Suck it mom! Suck it!" dad told grandma. Grandma looked at mom and said, "Don't you think your son is old enough to be pleased by you and have him think of you as an MILF. There's nothing wrong being a MILF, your husband can vouch on that. Maybe tonight I may be a GILF."
So all these years dad enjoyed putting his load in grandma's mouth. Mom took her bottom off exposing her puffy cunt lips as dad watched her lower herself on my cock as I sucked and nibbled on her dark nipples. Dad stood up and took his bottoms off feeding grandma his cock. I was surprised grandma sucked him dry.
Since that night I would tit fuck grandma and she would take my load in her mouth. I would fuck mom doggy style and slap her ass after dad finished in her. What really turns me on is seeing mom with a strap-on and watching grandma play and suck that strap-on.

10 months ago

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    • One should also know grandma's perspective to have sex with her younger grandson. And here is mine:
      I have been fucking my grandson aged 28 for quite sometime. And he loved this old Granny, 60+ yrs! And I found him a good sex partner. After kissing me and kneading my 40D sagged tits, he started massaging my almost crumpled pussy lips. I got too aroused and wanted him inside me. But he placed a vibrator on my engorged clit and I was shaking instantly. My clit seemed to be more sensitive after so many years without sex.
      He held my waist and spread wide my pussy lips exposing my gaping slit, and his throbbing hard cock entered my pussy. He started pounding my pussy as I raised my thighs wide - wider. He wasn’t stopping, he was thrusting hard and faster, his dick was twitching. I could feel the tingle start from my toes to my abdomen; tears came out of my eyes. He looked like he was trying to make my pusy into pulp…My whole body was fighting for orgasm. I started to scream, and I loved the pleasure of his deep thrusting into me. He held my waist tighter and slammed his dick into me like he was a machine. Was he not going to stop anytime soon? I was sweating now and orgasmed thrice …
      I stretched out my hands for him to lift me, turn me up and without his dick coming out of my pussy, to lay him on his back so that I could ride his hard cock. OMG! I could feel his cock hitting the entrance of my cervix … He put his arm under my neck and within five minutes he climaxd dumping his hot cum deep into me. I was exhasured and totally spent and lay on top of his broad hairy chest. His dick twitched in me for some time and slipped out of me with ease.
      Soon I drifted into sleep and I slept for over 8 hours! I felt my body in ache but loved it though. My grandboy was in the bathroom, naked with a semi-hard on. I smiled and he asked me to take a shower, eat and take rest….

    • Mother and son sex is great! Should be encouraged!

    • Barf. Another shit incest story.

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