Any dads into looking at there daughters panties and wants to fk them



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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • I became sexually attracted to my daughter when she started puberty. I started fantasizing about her when I was masturbating, I fantasized about taking her virginity and eating her out. I would never act on my sexual urges and did what I think most fathers do, keep it all to myself. After a couple of years when she was 18 or 19 I lost my sexual attraction to her.

  • Having sex with my daughter has always been a fantasy for me. It started when she was around 12 or 13 and even now she is 35 I still fantasize about her!

  • Yes I want to meet some dad daughters around ohio

  • Do moms count?

  • I myself would love to see as well as drink in the beautiful scent of all three of your panties. I would love to taste and make you cum down my throat then fk you and your sisters over and over till you cum multiple times. Quit teasing and let me have a taste Please. Steve

  • Any father who says no is lying

  • Agree!

  • Is this really true? I always wondered if my Dad looked at me in that way, but felt strange about it all.

  • It may not be all the time but I'm sure his mind has entertained a naughty thought or two every now and again! My mind definitely does with my step-daughter! ;-)

  • Very true

  • Your a jerk

  • It is you're a jerk not your a jerk twat

  • So what, you got the message so piss off smart arse prick

  • ...he's not a "smart arse"....just properly educated! ;-)

  • He is neither you dick head

  • Aww....and resorting to profanities is also a sign of lower intellect. Bless you...better go get those fries cooked.....off you pop...😉

  • You need your balls kicked in every morning

  • Piss off you queer prick

  • Truthfully, every father would fuck their daughter if they thought they'd get away with it!

  • Definitely true!

  • False!!

  • True!!!

  • Fuck you lady balls you never experienced incest period. You never fucked your sister period. It is not a human right sick fuck. Incest will never be legal because it is sick immoral and disgusting. If incest was legal the right to reproduce would be legal too. And with a 42% birth defect rate between sibling and sibling-parent or as known as direct incest It will never be legal. Incest also occurs when there is underlying psychological problems, physical or sexual abuse in the person or persons committing incest. Go get help sick fuck.
    You write these confessions and then lie about not writing them. Yes incest is sick! Go ask strange people around you or post it on your FaceBook account, Twitter or your local police Department and see what they say. You post the same crap all the time get a fucking life and quit incest posts you fucking sick ass hole.

  • You are doing it again! I know you think it's ok to reply to your own posts but it is worrying. I'm there are professionals who can help with your problems? Low self esteem perhaps??

  • Yes, yes, I do .... but got no chance to fuck yet!!

  • You should be shot on site.

  • You love it

  • Be smart about it and your chance will come!!

  • Cut the crap pedo. I would love to sink lead into you fucked up head.

  • Fucking pedophilic post.

  • Wanna get my hand down my 10yr old panties

  • Shut the fuck up pedo.

  • Yeah, they're in prison.

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