My wife knows I want to suck cock

A while ago i had an erotic dream where i walked in on my wife who was naked from the waist down and was squatting over the face of a friend of ours letting him lick her p****
In the dream he was totally naked laying on his back with a huge erection pointing skyward.
As i entered the room my wife had an intense orgasm and my c*** suddenly became rock hard.
I told my wife about the dream and that in the dream I knelt next to the bed so I could get a better view of his tongue in her p****. But once i was down there level with his huge c*** i couldn't stop myself from touching it and then sucking it.
I told her that i awoke from the dream to find i was ejaculating. That i was very much turned on and that i couldn't get how amazing it felt to suck c*** out of my mind.
Since then, when ever my wife gives me a handjob she calls me a c*** sucker and says that she knows how much i want to suck our friend and taste his c**. It never fails to make me extremely hard and to eventually c** heaps. Duringbthe hand job she makes me suck on her fingers as if they were a c*** until I orgasm all over myself. She laughs at me and thinks its a big joke but i do actually want to go through with it. Not just with my friend but with other guys. Lots of other guys.
Do any other married men have these fantasies and where can i find them?

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Yes. Married 20 years. Have sucked 4 cocks now and I love it very much. If you suck one, you will never stop wanting more.

  • My girlfriend pegs my ass and she always ask me if I want a real cock in my ass.

  • What do you tell her? I played with dildos for years and wanted a real cock to feel the difference. So, I tried it and was hooked immediately. Now, I wonder why I waited so long to get the real deal. There's nothing better!

  • I think about sucking cocks all the time. I have been to the book store in Everett Wa. And I like it when I get a young guy with a bulge in his pants. I always touch it and ask him if I can lick it. Sometimes I get a mouth full of dick and sperm. The last guy took me to his parents house and we went into the garage and he stripped all the way nakid. And I got on my knees and he slid it into my mouth. He was 9" and thick then he came,3 times in a few minutes. I swallowed it all. When he pulled out he told me he was 16 and he had never been sucked off. We had a pop and I sucked him off 2 more times. Yes I massage his nuts this time and he came loads. His dick was just laying there limp and his nuts went soft. I asked him if he had ever been asshole fucked. He said no so I got out the 8" dildo I had bought and I shoved it in his asshole. He was hard again and he was fucking his own asshole with it . Then I sucked him off again. He said he was jacking off all the time and he had fucked a girl one time. Then I got hard and pulled out the dildo and slid my hard on in his asshole. I came twice in his tight asshole. We always go to the woods when I am over there.

  • I too love the bookstore in Everett. The place is much cleaner and really nice since they remodeled it.

  • My wife knows that I suck cock. She found out that I was bi back when we were teenagers. She walked in on me sucking a guy off at a house party she was around 17 then. She just stood in the doorway watching and smiling at me. We became good friends after that. And got married. She's seen everything I've done with guys. She's watched me getting my ass fucked and me sucking cock many times. She has her own boyfriends also . She has no problem with me being with guys. I just can't fuck other women. She knows that I love the taste of cum. She often will let me lick her clean after a guy fucks her. Ive been sucking cock so long i don't have a gag reflex at all. She loves to watch me lay on my back with my head hanging off the bed and let a guy fuck my throat. We have a great relationship she gets what she wants and so do I. After all it's just sex and no one gets hurt. Live your life the way you want.

  • So jealous over here lol. My wife would flip out mad.

  • Very hot,,

  • Does she do women?

  • Yes she has been with a few women but likes cock more

  • Bull shit, go to the corner and wank again you dick

  • Jealous?

  • Years ago me and a buddy used to blow each other, fuck each other in the ass, jerk each other off. One summer we drove to Colorado to see another friend and the plan was to stay with him, he lived in a dump so we stayed in this little motel across the street, what a fuckfest that was, showered together, soaped eachothers balls,, whew,,i confessed all this to my girlfriend at the time, she put her hand right down her pants. She wanted us to put on a show for her but all he would do was jerk each other off. Some of the most hottest times was when we’d just be watching tv in his apartment, we’d sit bareass and
    Just play with each other

  • Your the only sorry dead shit that thinks this way you queer prick

  • I do it with my wife as a threesome . Whe do it with one guy and he fucks us both.

  • Do you suck his dick

  • How often?

  • No he aint bitch

  • My wife knows I suck cock.

  • My girlfriend pegs my ass. I have dildos and she knows I fuck myself with them.

  • Ever do it in front of her?

  • How did she find out? Is she cool with it? Has she watched you do it? I have so many questions for a response like this

  • I have the fantasy too. My wife doesn't know though. I tried to show her one time by getting her dildo "ready" to fuck her, but when I looked up at her with her toy in my mouth she had a look of disgust on her face. I wish I could tell her all the dirty stuff in my head

  • My wife and I do Threesomes with one guy in his 30s She caught me jerking to male male female porn one after noon in her panties. I was so embarrassed I thought my marriage would be over but it turned her on. She asked me is that something you really need to try? I said I would like it if she would. Now we have this younger guy about twice a year. I love sucking his cock making it hard to fuck my skinny wife. . My Wife is 60 I am only 45. I would love to join you two. We could put on a show for your wife. I love the taste of cum.

  • It would be so great if that idea turned my wife on, but unfortunately she isn't down with it at all. I don't know what I should do

  • I do and l have a nasty 8 inch cock and l live in New York , where are you located and how big is your cock .

  • Nyc baby,,,,,crowbar

  • I would love some of your nasty 8 inches me 7.5 love to swallow so I hope you CAN BLOW A MASSIVE LOAD OF SOME SWEET HOT TASTE CUM. IF YOU ARE READY COME GET SOME

  • 8 inches is a good size I am 6 cut and shaved

  • Nice , just curious are you far away

  • I am in Baltimore that to far

  • Yeah , l'm sorry , wish we were closer

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