He came in me

My mother has a substance abuse ..it started as living a so called privilege's life style i was born 2 years later then my father tells me her abuse got worst ..she was arrested 3 times for soliciting for drugs the 4th time she was sentenced to 12 years because i was in the car... my dad was devastated and finally filled for divorce..i felt bad for him about my mom and i tried to console him but he missed my mother ... i told him anything mom could i could do except drive yet he smiled and said i was to young for what he needed ..he worked long hours but he always asked if i needed anything..so one day i asked him if he needed anything he smiled and said ,..yeah put some heels on and a short skirt and laughed...i surprised him because within a half hour i was standing in front of him in a very skimpy outfit. in fuck me pumps my mom used to wear ... that's when i first had my first taste of cock and he ate my pussy ....he slowly entered me taking my virginity ( i thought it would hurt a lot ) it was uncomfortable at first and not very painfull but i tolerated his entry it felt wonderful after a few minutes he grunted as i held him in my arms he kept fucking ever so slowly i held in me as my pussy wanted to cum so bad i grinded my pussy on his cock trying to make myself cum witch i did and not paying attention he pushed in harder and harder and shot his cum inside my pussy he collapsed on me till i felt his cum drip out of my pussy ..i looked at him he stood up and i could see a discoloration of blood and cum on his cock .... as i raised my self o my elbows a huge glob of cum pushes out of my pussy on to the couch he tells me to hold on as he gets some tissues and i wipe myself off the tissue was discolored with cum and blood then i realized that i was also due for my cycle... i asked ..daddy get me a tampon i think my period just started ''oh good we need you on birth control for this ..I said yes with a big smile ..ever since then i can suck cock and swallow i can ride him anytime i want and being a young girl i can fuck 3 times a day


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  • Yup y'all sick REJECTS still living in your momas house chocking your little pitiful monkeys.....

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  • A sick fucking guy wrote this. Can't even spell a girls mane right dumb fuck.
    It's Marilyn stupid.

  • My mom and I watch porn together. We fuck while watching and imitate a lot of the positions they are using as they are doing them. Within reason. Lol

  • Spoken by a true sorry ass mother fucker.

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  • YOUR ALL WRONG HERE.... my name is Marylin i posted this ...

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  • That is the weirdest spelling of Marilyn I have seen. Are you a guy?

  • I liked your post. Thanks

  • Me too

  • Don't lie it's my post.

  • I like the post, whom ever posted it

  • If it is you post, FUCK YOU. Stop posting this fake crap dude. If you think for second that we think you are female you are dead wrong sick fuck.

  • Sick fuck below with more fake incest propaganda.

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  • I like to see my cum dripping out of my mom's pussy after I shot a big load inside of it

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  • How did it first start

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  • I'm not the ass hole making up the same stories dip shit.

  • You're the dip shit that needs to get a life and find a new site to haunt.

  • You're the dip shit that needs to get a life and find a new site to haunt

  • That is not going to happen. Your going to have to put up with negative comments on every post about incest and pedophilic posts ass hole.

  • You are doing it again. Quick book that therapy session!

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  • My sister has the hottest body I have ever seen!!! She's so slim and trim that even though her tits aren't real big they look it. When she comes out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around her I want to jerk it off her so she would be naked!!!

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  • Pure bullshit a steaming load of 💩 How many times you posted that? Over and over again. Thats all you fucks do is post the same crap all the time. Is incest the only highlight of your sad and depressing lives? You are more addicted to incest then heroin addicts are addicted to heroin. You fucks have a sad life so go blow your brains out.

  • You are doing it again! Please I'm begging you, stop replying to your own posts. It really isn't healthy

  • Do you idiots think those replies will work. If you stop writing confessions about incest or pedophilia I won't reply. It is that simple Give it a chance.

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  • You think what you want because at the end of the day no one gives a shit

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  • Fuck you lady balls you never experienced incest period. You never fucked your sister period. It is not a human right sick fuck. Incest will never be legal because it is sick immoral and disgusting. If incest was legal the right to reproduce would be legal too. And with a 42% birth defect rate between sibling and sibling-parent or as known as direct incest It will never be legal. Incest also occurs when there is underlying psychological problems, physical or sexual abuse in the person or persons committing incest. Go get help sick fuck.
    You write these confessions and then lie about not writing them. Yes incest is sick! Go ask strange people around you or post it on your FaceBook account, Twitter or your local police Department and see what they say. You post the same crap all the time get a fucking life and quit incest posts you fucking sick ass hole.

  • Nobody cares lol

  • Thats where your wrong over 98% of society says incest is wrong and we don't need to be paying for the continued care of children with birth defects. We care enough to outlaw incest.

  • Absolute rubbish lol. You keep quoting figures that mean absolutely jack shit

  • How the fuck would you know dreamer.

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  • I agree! He's been doing with shit for weeks now. Replying to his own posts and posting incest confessions and then pretending he is against it! This guy is just a attention seeker.

  • He started after people gave him shit for confessing he wanted to fuck his 13 year old student.

  • Yeah, definitely a pedo in denial

  • More like months now.

  • I wrote that one sick fucks.😎

  • Not quite right in the head.

  • Tell you what sick fuck! You go to the police and complain that I'm wrecking your sick incest fantasy. And see who think is not right in the head. Dip shit.

  • Do you really think that dumb fuck? I can't stand incest and pedophilic posts. Why would I write confessions for shit I don't want to see? Do you really think insulting me like that is going to make me stop? No it won't!! You know what will make me stop posting against incest and pedophilic posts? IF THEY ARE NOT HERE. DUMB FUCK.

  • You need help!! Just stop posting incest confessions. It's weird.

  • It's not gonna work dip shit. I know it's you still liking yourself. Posting that you fucked your sister and wanted to fuck your mother. Like the fact that you never fucked your sister and you have posted confessions here this won't stop me from replying. You are not making me mad at all. Thats because you can't see the bigger picture here. Have a nice day dick head I am!😎

  • You need help. Replying to your own posts is a bit odd. Do you have a split personality??

  • The Nallasopara police on Tuesday arrested a man for allegedly raping his 12-year-old daughter on several occasions since last year. The incident came to light when the girl's mother returned home late on Tuesday to find her daughter crying.
    According to the police, the accused would sexually assault his daughter whenever he would find her alone at their Nallasopara (East) apartment, where she lived with her mother and a younger brother. The accused is suspected to have raped the girl at least three to four times since last year, according to the girl's statement to the police.

    "The girl's mother lodged a complaint against her husband following which we arrested him. He has been booked for rape and unnatural offences along with other relevant sections of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act," said Ravindra Badguzar, senior inspector at Nallasopara police station.

    The girl could not muster up the courage to complain against her father, but on Tuesday she confided in her younger brother. The girl told her seven-year-old brother that their 'father is bad' and that he should stay away from him. When the girl's mother returned home from work, she saw the girl weeping and got worried.

    Fuck you and your pedophilic confession sick fuck. Dude you ain't a woman

  • Now your rantings are taking you to a rubber room.

  • Really the rubber room Shit head! Gonna take a lot more then that.

  • Barf.

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