Mom had to try my big cock

I went through puberty earlier then most boys.
I already had hair growing thickly on my balls and a 10 3/4” cock at only being eight years old.
A family curse as both my grandfathers are extremely well endowed and so is my father.
So by age 18 my penis soft hung a little over 8” inches long, But erect without pulling on it my dick is 12 1/4” inches long.
My own mother took special care to teach me how to properly fuck a woman when your hung like I am
We are nudists.
My Grandpa on moms side has an 11” cock when hard.
My Dad’s father has a very thick 9 1/2” cock when hard.
My own father has a thick 10 1/2” inches erect.
The entire family are nudists, So I have seen all of my Cousins, Grandmothers,, Aunts and Uncles , Etc nude as well...
We do party!
Mom would comment and tease me about my cock was still growing and she was correct.
By age 10 my cock erect measured 12 1/4” inches long and only grew thicker as I got older..
It’s circumference grew from 7 1/2” inches around to the 8 1/4” in circumference it is today.
We are all white,
Middle to Upper Class Americans.
Mom’s big natural tits along with how she did not totally shave her bush secretly turned me on even before puberty.
I used to masturbate even before my early puberty.
I learned I could easily suck my own dick.
My cock size aroused my mom and my constant erections did make matters worse as far a sexual frustration.
Along with my early puberty I caught mom masturbating with her entire hand up her pussy and saying my name shoving her fist swiftly up her trimmed cunt.
She did not know I was watching.
Mom still has a hot body and takes care of herself with diet and exercise.
She posed nude and was a Pet of the Month for Penthouse Magazine in 1972.
The sight and sounds she made turned me on as she did herself and I watched her suck her own right nipple.
For me to discover my own mother fisting herself and my cock was suddenly rock hard
I boldly walked on in and the look of shock of being discovered turned to lust when she seen my hard cock hanging out of the bottom of my underwear.
There are pictures of me online nude.
My cock erect can almost touch my knees.
She asked me to take them off and stroke my cock for her.
She seem my precum begin to leak and she told me for being so young I sure have big balls already.

She told me as she continued that she needed some relief from seeing me and asked how often I was masturbating? Saying she had seen my semon on my underwear and my t-shirts and bed sheets...
I was doing it sometimes as much as 3 times a day...
Then she said I needed to let her suck on my cock while she did herself.
I stood next to her as she sucked my cock and gave me head while I had a perfect view of her fist going in and up her cunt past her wrist and her clit was so very large.
Her orgasm was incredible to watch.
She withdrew her fist and wrapped it around my cock with all her creamy juices making my shaft slicker.
She told me it was time for me to become a man and learn how to use my cock so that I would not hurt a girl when I got older.
She surprised me how tight her cunt is for having her entire hand inside of her beforehand.
I only lasted about 20 minutes before I cummed inside of her.
Then she sucked me back to hardness and said we had to work on my stamina...
We then really fucked hard, Teaching me different positions and Anal.. How to eat her out and what she liked and how to do it.
She told me before each orgasm that it was coming and would tremble and shake until it subsided.
Then we would resume.
Later that summer I would take her and not let her rest between orgasms and instead keep on fucking her..
She told me I must not tell anyone about her teaching me these things.
She confided in me all sorts of information I still use today.
Slowly she introduced me to our family sex life and swapping...
We fucked often until I turned 24 years old and got married.
Then we only did it now and then.
At first in secret and then in the open.
My wife confided that she also had fucked her own father and that he is hung with a thick 8” incher.
Saying that when she first slept with me that my cock size scared her but reminded her of when she fucked her dad.
She knew my secrets and I knew hers.
Before I married her she worked as a stripper.
When men hit on her she would tell them about my cock size and say that unless they had that or more for a cock she was not interested.

One day she asked me if I would be willing to fuck my mom with her present and watching?
I said I would as long as it was not going to break us up.
She confessed that she wanted to fuck her father and me together at the same time.
I told her about my father and Grandfathers cock sizes And how we all go nude at the beach house during our summer parties.
She got so wet and horny thinking about it we fucked in our own front yard and porch!
She then confessed after seeing all of them at her first beach house party that she had fantasies about us fucking her in front of my family with each taking a turn fucking her if I would fuck my own mother in front of all and everyone .
I easily agreed as she did not know but we had been pulling trains on all of the immediate women in my family.
We watched my Grandma take both Grandpa and my Fathers cocks at the same time on the beach.
My mom told my wife how she used to fuck her fathers big cock willingly after watching him suck himself off at a very young age and became obsessed with masturbation and taboo sex.
How she loves to be fucked by huge cocks and knows my wife loves big cock too after having me.
She held my wife’s hand and led her to the circle and pointed at her father and my wife was asked to straddle his cock and put it up her ass.
My wife is an ass freak and she worked it in and up her ass and then mom told me to get between Their legs and enter my wife’s cunt.
I could feel the pressure of Grandpas Dick up my wife’s ass and as I pumped her cunt I could feel his cock head seperated by only her vaginal and anal walls.
My mom straddled my wife’s face and made her lick her to orgasm ( I later learned it was my wife’s first Bi experience)
My wife orgasmed so strongly and loudly as we both fucked her.
After my wife was spent we both pulled out of her and my mom took her place telling my wife to watch as she fucked my Grandpas cock and mine the same way.
Mom told my wife that my cock is the biggest she’s ever had and next was her fathers..
Both her father and I tore up my moms cunt and ass as my wife watched us all cum together
My uncle got a blowjob from my wife and my sister fucked one of our cousins.
I knew my wife for sure was going to arrange a meeting with her own father and I after all this happened.
She said she was sore, But in a good way.
We talked about what had happened and how she was so horny after seeing me fuck my own mother.
I welcomed her to my family.
The next time mom came over she stayed the night with my wife and I and I fucked them both and let them wear me out.
When I first fucked my wife I made her cum more than any man before me And said I was the first to make her cum vaginally without clitoral stimulation.
We are a family of sex and fitness addicts.
My thing is counting a woman’s orgasms.
My wife can climax over 70 times in one love making session.
I have made my own mother climax 42 times in one session.
Others have been brought into the fold.
We have a 29 yr old son and a 31 year old daughter whom do each other and my son and I have fucked his own mom together, And my daughter.

And if your curious..,
My son has a 11 3/4” long cock erect.
I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true and as a family we are not ashamed of it.
Sex is just sex.
My mom still looks much younger then she really is.
When I was in the army she looked so young that we easily passed her off as being my girlfriend instead of my mom and on leave mom would meet me in the hotel just to fuck each other.
We as a unit pulled a train on my mom as she pretended to be my girlfriend.
My big dick caused me problems in the army as well.

My Grandma looks like a woman who is in her 40’s but she is 79 now with a pair of natural 34D’s
She runs 2 miles a day on the beach.
Grandma says her greatest sexual pleasure is being fucked by our big dicks at the same time.
I have fucked both of my own Grandmas, Mom, Step Mom, Mother in-law , Cousins, Aunts, Sister and My own Wife and Daughter as Adults all because of having a big horse sized cock and their lust for cock.


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  • Nothing like free, no time, no effort needed, pussy.

  • Shut the fuck up dumb ass.

  • That is one long dick that the OP has. Have you considered a career in the adult film industry?

  • He is fake just a really bad incest story.

  • This is a silly untrue story...

  • So true the gay assed OP walks around with a tape measure and measures everyone's dicks.

  • The same loser dude keeps commenting on his own posts. LMFAO What a clown.

  • You are the fucking joke incest lover.

  • Hey Op they think I wrote your sick post. Thats great what do you think of your post now?

  • It's my life and it's now or never. So I ain't gonna wait forever. I'm just gonna live while I'm alive. It's MY life.

  • Well since incest will be never then a 357 hollow point will comfort you. You can self inject it now. That will help with the shame that comes with incest loving.

  • Oh and how's that 5 1/4 inch thick dick doing? Still Think it's that thick? You know that standing with your ass against the wall and taking a ruler and measuring from the wall to the tip of your dick is not the right way to do it. If you take your fat ass out you will find that you have a micro dick.

  • Dumb fuck Dumb fuck what you gonna do what you gonna do when they come for you. Dumb Fuck Dumb Fuck

  • It's your post idiot!

  • He is posting confessions and replying to them. Then when his new ones come out we shouldn't post anything on them and maybe he will get the hint and leave.

  • Yeah good idea. He obviously fucked up

  • Hung like a stud field mouse. The whole family!

  • Everybody in this fake post is measuring their cocks and telling everyone. How stupid and fake God you are pathetic.
    Get this through your head. Incest occurs very rarely. Only a few sick fucks commit incest. Thats a fact you can't change by lying about it. Incest is not commonplace in Society. Most families do not have incest. If incest was on the rise then Society would do something about it. But it is not. So stop lying about most sons or daughters who would want to have sex with their parents. The real truth is that most kids while growing into adults are turned off by parental sex or having sex with a parent. Most children as they grow mentally develop differently from their siblings and go in separate ways. Those are real facts that will not change.

    They will never make incest legal! If it was made legal then the right to reproduce would have be made legal.
    Schools are teaching children about sexual abuse and to report it even more than before.

    You mainly post incest shit because you are fascinated by the taboo of incest. Not that you have had incest. But you will lie about that too. You are anti-society sick fucks that got go. Go watch fake porn and hide in secrecy.

    Now Get this you sick days of posting incest and pedophilic posts here without anyone replying against it ARE OVER. NO MORE! That is done with as long as I'm alive. There are other people who don't like it and I hope they help.

  • There are more incest porn sites out there than you could even visit in a single day. Get back in your box loser dude.

  • Yes but they are all fake dip shit.

  • What a pile of bull shit! Just more incest crap fake as they come.
    First of all nudists pride themselves on not getting aroused while being nude. And who the hell measures there cocks and tells everyone around them!
    Cut the crap incest lovers.

  • Your complaining because you don’t have the life We have.
    Just enjoy your own life wishing it was better without all the modesty you grew up with.
    I have met quite a few mother and son couples as well as entire families like our own that don’t have a hang up with enjoying sex.
    Many just keep it to themselves and are afraid to admit it because of assholes like you.

  • I completely agree!!

  • Shut the fuck up ass hole you never had sex with your sister or your mother. You swear that you don't write confessions and you are full of shit. Enough with this sick incest fantasy you make up.

  • You are the one who keeps posting these stories!! Get back in your basement

  • I wish they where mine Dip Shit. Then there would not be any here you stupid fuck.

  • Oh wait Zzzzzz

  • You met quite a few other incest fucks? Where at the jail or pretend incest fantasy land.

  • You've got a least one marble rolling around your head.

  • No It is not popular, even you wrote the following on the sister site in the post.

    Obsessed and in love with my brother
    "You're in a tough spot. About 96% of the global human population is incapable of understanding how you feel about your brother."

    It's your writing ass hole and don't try to deny that scum bag, even 4% is to high more like 1% if that.
    Stop spreading your fake incest lies douche bag.

  • "Many just keep it to themselves and are afraid to admit it because of assholes like you". Thats Bull Shit they won't admit it because their sick ass's would be in prison. But if they won't post it here because of me. Hallelujah, great or good. I will let you pick which one you like.

  • Get a haircut and get a real job loser.

  • Got a job dip shit! How about you get a life outside of incest and illegal shit that you are addicted to.

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