Showing off my big penis online

A few weeks ago I started watching live webcam shows. Sometimes Ill send the girl a private message and eventually a dick pic. Right after I send it I watch for her reaction, and I always get something like an eyebrow raise, a look of surprise, a smile, a look of being impressed, or something like that. Well chat for a little about how my cock is long and thick and looks good and how she might have a little trouble taking it all in and that she wished I was there to fill her up and stretch her out. She might be over selling it a little sometimes but she aint lying about my size, and its a big turnon and ego boost for me to show off my big dick to these hot girls

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • What is it with you and dick size? Everyone is measuring their junk and bragging about. Dude you can have a giant dick and the personality of an ice cube. You will never get laid. On the other hand some average guy with a great personality will get laid a hell of a lot more then you. Size don't mean shit.

  • I got both. For years I would brag to my wife how lucky she is. She would just snicker, like she was embarrassed by my big dick she loved so much. Guess my All American Girl wife feels a little slutty she loves big dick, I thought.
    After about 10 years I asked who was the 2nd biggest? "it wasn't you, you're 3rd.. Bob had a cucumber, Bill had a zucchini."
    Ouch -- guess you can't un brag about your big dick.

  • So how big is it, Sailor?

  • I am 21cm long with some nice thickness.

  • WOW!! Imagine a whole 21-cm...Oh, wait a minute 21-cm—I thought it was 21-inches; but, it’s not! And you’re bragging about that? It’ s decent, but not gigantic!! Good luck with that!

  • Wait the dumb fuck thought it was 5 1/4 thick on another confession.

  • He is hung like a stud field mouse, almost rat sized.

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