So in order for u to understand , i will tell u everything u need to know to give me an opinion! i dont care if u think its fake, i understand why, but i really dont care, i know my truth! please everybody who can relate, tell me something about it i would be appreciated !

So this all started back when i was 6 or 7 years old. ive always loved some good tits, and my grandma always had huge ones. so i remember spying on her when she was changing clothes or getting undressed to go to sleep, and i also used to spy on her whenever she was taking a bath, she always left the door a little bit open, so it was enough for me to watch her takin her bath, and see how beautiful her tits are... she caught me in the second or third time, and she told me to come in.... i went in and she said for me to get closer and sit on the toilet witch was right next to the bath...she asked me why was i spyin on her, and i said that i like her tits a lot and it makes me wanna see them,. she took it super well, she understood it, said it was ok and normal! she let me see and even touch them ..after all she is my grandma, and its normal for a kid to have that type of curiosity.. although lookin back i could tell that she liked a lot the fact that i loved her tits and that i wanted to see her naked and touch her, i could see that she found me kinda cute for it, and also good about herself because i was enjoying her and telling her how much i like her body, mostly her boobs and also her big ass..

So it was a normal thing for the both of us, whenever i was with her, and she was goint to take a bath i would watch and touch her , but only in her boobs!

as a kid i thought the bath was only a special thing and the only way she would let me do that, so i would still spy on her getting undressed or just changing clothes..

Sometimes i would sleepover and stay for weekends, and so in most of those times i slept in the same bed as her and my grandfather, and i would always coudle with her and spoon with her tight, and as u guess holding her tits, nothing to extreme, just holding it while falling asleep and she would love the fact that i liked her tits so much, not even my grandfather was bothered, it was just a thing of mine, and we would always laugh about it and never takin it in a sexual way, although i knew i wanted my grandma in some sexual way, i just didn’t know what sex was yet so i was just thirsty for her boobs..and everyone just thought it was a normal thing, nothing to worry about..

when i hit the puberty, around 11 years old i started watching a lot of porn and i used to jerk off even more, so i was becoming obsessed with having sex with a woman, i wanted to see and feel a pussy so bad, that whenever i went to my grandma’s house, i would smell her bra and panties and jerk off to em, and i was still trying to spy on her in her room or bathroom..

When i was 15 years old i started fuckin, so those thoughts wouldnt come to my head, i looked at that as just a phase, and i was just being normal and focused on fucking girls of my age and not an old woman like my own grandma...

i used to live a city way from her, so i would only see her like 10 times a year in my teen years,, so my thoughts on sex with her were vanishing away.. at least thats what i thought...

My grandma always asked me my whole life if i had girls, if i was dating, shit like dat...and since i was 16 that she always hugs me tight around my waist because im a big guy and she always looks at me into my eyes, and asks me if i remember the times that i used to love her tits so much and spy on her, and when i used to sleep with her holding on to her... if she dont ask me those questions then, she start saying how much im handsome and tall, and how much she likes my hair or sometimes she just hugging my waist tight and looks at me and say some odd shit ... she also casually puts her hand on my ass and in my belly.. i never gave her too much feedback and never did nothing about it because i wasn’t into that anymore so i always just listen to her talk and stepback whenever i can, because sometimes it feels weird and sometimes i dont care and have no patience, its juts who i am....

The years passed.... so im 21 now, and me and my parents had to change house a year ago because there wasn t enough money , so now im living in the house below my grandma’s and we dont have to pay rent so its cool! About two weeks ago she came to my window, and said that theres a hot girl in her living room and that would be a good fuck but its a shame that the hottie its my 18year old cousin..also her granddaughter! this was her words, and she was serious, she even said how tall and gorgeous we both are and how good it would be because of that..

it makes me wonder, why would she even say some shit like that? maybe its a possibility in her mind?!? i dont know.. all i know is, since a few days ago, i started thinkin of her in a sexual way again, but this time i want it all, im not just a kid who wanna see her tits, i really wanna fuck her. i don know if its my hormones or the fact that i love older woman or even the fact that i dont have sex since the corona started or whatever really!! all i know is that the wish is back and is stronger then ever.. and i really think i have a chance... im going to start to get hard whenever she hugs me like that, spend more time with her, look her more in her eyes.. help her more...hug her more specially from the back with a boner... and since she usually comes to my window to talk to me and see me , im goin to be fully naked and semi hard for her to watch and see whats her feedback, and even let her catch me jerkin off.. and see if she likes it.. also imma start touching her whenever she takes a nap, witch its not naked but its also good ,and just basics, only her tits and ass.. maybe jerk off in her face without cumming on her , maybe touch my dick in her lips gently, smell her pussy and pennies who knows..but not further then that, i will only have sex with her if she really wants it, and as soon as i understand that she dont want it, i stop everything immediately , no problem really, i just want to see if its possible since i want it so much, and since she might want it too.. who knows? we might fuck until she die without know one knowing and give her the time of her life while i enjoy it too..!

i thought of asking her in a cute way to show her tits to me just like the old days, and because i dont see ones in a while... but i dont know.. maybe theres a better way u know? thats why im posting and asking for advice!!

SO THATS THAT! thats my plan, please if u relate, tell me tips and advices in order to have a good sex relation with her and convince her in case she needs a little push!! eheheh tell me your stories too if u have them and want to share it, i would like too see examples !

PS dont even bother judging , im aware that theres more and more incest cases, i know so many of mom and son, something i would never do but at the same time i dont judge it!

Things happen, and if we feel its a good thing, who is who to say something?



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  • I have experience

  • I personally think its natural what you are going through and I'm curious to see how it plays out!

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