Cousin sells her pussy to underage cousin to get high

Before I was old enough to be fucking my cousin in her late 20s told me I could fuck and use her however I wanted if I kept her high. I wanted to fuck her my whole life then she talks me into letting her shoot me full of drugs before she fucks me. I’ve been using her pussy for more than 10 years now. Last time I came in her deep and used my jizz as lube for round 2. She never makes me pull out I think she wants to get knocked up. I’m gonna buy her enough heroin that I can fuck her for weeks till I put a baby in her



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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I would so love for one of my bros or cousins daughters wipe the floor with dickhead and send him to the cleaners. It would give me throws of pleasure seeing then drop Joy Joy down on her fat ass too. You know I never asked any of them to do that but it would be a class act to see. Snarles could do a few very well. Jordi and that little fluff belle ! yep. that would be great to see.

  • And you wander why incest is illegal dumb fucks.

    Get this through your head. Incest occurs very rarely. Only a few sick fucks commit incest. Thats a fact you can't change by lying about it. Incest is not commonplace in Society. Most families do not have incest. If incest was on the rise then Society would do something about it. But it is not. So stop lying about most sons or daughters who would want to have sex with their parents. The real truth is that most kids while growing into adults are turned off by parental sex or having sex with a parent. Most children as they grow mentally develop differently from their siblings and go in separate ways. Those are real facts that will not change.

    They will never make incest legal! If it was made legal then the right to reproduce would have be made legal.
    Schools are teaching children about sexual abuse and to report it even more than before.

    You mainly post incest shit because you are fascinated by the taboo of incest. Not that you have had incest. But you will lie about that too. You are anti-society sick fucks that got go. Go watch fake porn and hide in secrecy.

    Now Get this you sick days of posting incest and pedophilic posts here without anyone replying against it ARE OVER. NO MORE! That is done with as long as I'm alive. There are other people who don't like it and I hope they help.

  • You helped me take a good shit

  • Yeah, a healthy, heroin addicted baby. Good plan.

  • My underage cousin was already the school slut. She always got horny when she smoked pot. I got her high as often as possible. Her pussy was still tight, I don't think she got fucked more than a few times before me.

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