Cocksucking Regrets

A few months ago I gave my buddy a blowjob and I've been regretting it ever since. Now, it seems that's all we do. He might come over to watch the game, even bring some beers but I always end up with his cock in my mouth. He's not really queer, honestly! He's always chasing pussy. He says he's just fascinated to see me sucking on his cock! We're supposed to be straight friends and as far as all our other buddies are concerned we are. People believe our friendship lies in the fact that we both smoke a lot of pot. No one has a clue that I've been sucking him off too. He gets turned on by having me suck his cock right before we hook up with our friends. He said it turns him on secretly knowing that I'm sitting there all normal in front of everybody right after swallowing his cum. For me, that part is kind of fun. Being in front of everyone just minutes after having him blow his nuts in my mouth is exciting! But it's getting worse. We still smoke a lot of weed but now he uses it as an excuse come over and get blow job after blow job. Most of the time he just takes off once I'm through sucking his dick but now I know that if I suck him off once and he stays and starts rolling another joint it's only because he's waiting to get another hard-on have me suck it again. One day last week... 7 blowjobs in a single day! He came over twice during the day and I sucked him off twice each time then he came over that night and I sucked his cock three more times! And he's getting more disrespectful. He thinks it's funny to ask me something and then shove his cock down my throat when I try to answer. Lately it's been his thing to stand in front of me hold the back of my head and literally fuck me in the mouth. Because of that he's been calling me cunt face in front of everyone. And one time cunt mouth! I just shot a fuck you at him and everyone laughed but I was pissed. I told him so later and he was apologetic. But you know what happened? He got me to suck his fucking cock again. And there's more, because now he's been mentioning giving it to me up the ass! He laughs and it's all a big joke and he says he doesn't really want to fuck me. Right after saying that he asks me if I want to get fucked, he'd fuck me if I want. Then more laughing, just kidding. How about with a dildo ... or a beer bottle? I'm going to fuck you with a fucking baseball bat. No no. I'm just kidding. Unless you want me to fuck you with a baseball bat, do you? No no. Just kidding. And he kind of mumbled I want to cum inside you. What? Nothing. I think he's finding blowjobs aren't enough and that he's really serious about fucking me, himself and with those objects. He's been slowly but surely trying to dominate me to make me do the crazy shit he comes up with. His attitude towards me has changed and now it seems that the only thing he's interested in is seeing me do more queer shit. Hey, guess who just called. Perfect timing. Bringing beer and I know what that means. He's staying for a while and that means I'm going to be sucking cock all night. Again. Fun. Not really. Bye.

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  • So the majority of the time y'all hang out, you end up sucking him off? Sounds like you're a great friend to have.

  • So refuse to suck him and end the friendship if you don't want to do it.

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