I want to fuck my grandmother

Wassup everybody!
So basically , i feel attracted to my 70 yearold grandmother, i wanna fuck her, and this aint nothing new.
I remember when i was a kid with like 6 or 7 years old, i use to thought a lot about her tits, they re huge! i always loved tits since i remember, and hers were amazing back then! i remember spying on her taking baths and she would see me and tell me to come inside the bathroom and watch her and talk to her.
She asked me, why was i spying on her?, and i would tell her that i like her big tits and so i wanted to see them... She would be super ok with it , she understand it and even laughed about it , and said that i could touch them if i want, because shes my grandmother and its normal that i have such curiosity.. Although, i thought as a kid that she would only let me do that in her bath, so i would still spy her in her room changing clothes and shit like dat..

So it was just a normal thing for the two of us, the fact that sometimes i would watch her bath and play with her huge boobs, because she understood it was just a thing that i liked and i was a kid so i was pretty much inocent you know? i didnt knew nothing about pussy or fucking, all i knew was boobs, and thats what she would let me see and touch as a grandson.

sometimes i would sleep in the middle of her and my grandfather, and i would spoon with her and touch her boobs and ass while falling assleep, but nothing to much,, just casual you know, we spooning and im 6 or 7 years old, im enjoying it but im not thinkin in a sexual way.... yet

So when i hit pubirty, around 11, i started jerkin off a lot and watched a lot of porn, and i wanted to feel a pussy so much and fuck a girl so much, that i couldn’t control myself...everytime i was in her house i would smell her underwear and jerk off, and i was still trying to see her naked and shit...

the years passed...
i am now 21 years old, and ive been living my life with out thinking of her in a sexual way since i was like 15 because i started fuckin and u know...i realized that was just a phase nothing too important and i only want to fuck girls of my age, not an old one like my own grandma ...


me and my parents used to live together with my older brother in another town, and now because we dont have enough money, me and my parents are staying in my grandmas guest house witch is below her house!
so im livin here now for more then 6 months now , and i see them almost eveyday

and lately, really out of nowhere , i dont know if its hormones or shit like dat, but im having wishes and thoughts of fuckin her... and the thing is, i think i can ! i am not sure, thats why im explaining everything so that someone could give me an opinion.

so, my grandma is always saying how gorgeous i am as a man, and i am very tall and she likes that, she always hugs me in my waist because shes also a bit small, and sometimes pass her hand in my ass casually and waist and my belly... she often asks me if i remember the times that we use to sleep togheter and the times when i used to watch her takin baths and the fact that i use to love her tits so much and touching them and sayin that they were big and awesome!... SHE questions all of this while hugging me tight and looking into my eyes..
}altought i never did nothing cuz i didnt want to...but now i do, so next time she hugs me like dat and starts talkin, ill make myself hard for her to feel)

Through my life she always talked to me about girls, asking me if i have one etc...

a week ago she came to my window and said to me that theres a hot girl in her house its just a shame that its my 18year old cousin, and she said that with a serious look, she even said how tall and beautiful we both are and its a real shame that we cousins because we would be good for each other in those ways...

All this, makes me wonder..

i dont know why i want to fuck my grandmother, i guess i still love her boobs, and she got a fat ass too, witch i love, and i always loved older women soo...
ahahaha dont judge me, ive seen and read cases of this before, even sons with theyre own moms, so it doesnt surprise me and neither makes me feel guilty, because its a wish and a pleasure, maybe who knows, ill give my grandmother the best times of her life, while i am enjoying it too and nobody has to know nothing....

so please, read all this!! its worth it believe me
and tell me if u think shes interested on having sex with me, or if she might be?
and if not, how can i turn her on? basically tell me how can i fuck my grandma based in what i just told you..

thanks a lot


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  • Tell her you really like your cousin , that she's very pretty , maybe she'll hook you up , then do it so she can spy on you and afterwards tell her it was nice but you are curious about older women , Grandma's are women and their pussys still get hungry for cock , especially young cock , then let her spy on you while you jerk off , that will get her nice and hot , she wants you too

  • Shut the fuck up sick fuck.

  • Because you are a sick fuck that should have your balls cut off. We don't need any more of you sick fucks around.

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