Girlfriend wants to make an amateur porn

My girlfriend and I are both 22 . We were talking last night about different sex fantasies and such ,and she said she would like to be in an amateur porn film.
She said she likes the idea of some of those cheesy sex plots ,like breaking down in car and getting fucked on the hood and some other plots.
Not sure how all that is going to work out watching her suck and fuck other guys .

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • 30 years ago 60 Minutes had a story on how chamber maids at fancy hotels were taping their guests having sex, and selling them for big buck to porn producers. They would follow young couples back to their room and listen at the door for sex sounds. They would then knock on the door and activate a camera hidden in the in the cooling return vent near the ceiling, looking down on the bed. We were like OMG we're probably porn starts. By the 3rd day she knew our patter, come back from the beach at 3 and have sex.
    She told us they had a new cable TV company and it was flawed, she could fix it by turning a switch. It couldn't be on all the time, the small disk space would run out. At the time the internet wasn't what it is now. 60M said they would distribute them far from the hotel it was shot. We thought WTF, I hope she made a nice profit, we were 25 and fit -- if any we know sees it , it's obvious we're unwitting. it usually was a quicky, maybe a little 69, before our nap before dinner. It's probably out there for sale. But like finding a needle in a hey stack.

  • During our honeymoon days I, to make my wife sexually active and educative, used to show her xxx videos and have a good collection of porn material as library. Now while I go to office my wife becomes too horny and her hobby has become to watch the porn material. She have become an addict to it. One day while having sex she just suggested her desire to act in such XXX porn. She just requested whether we can have our sex recorded by an expert cameraman and upload the same on internet. Other day she said her fantasy was to act in Porn Film with multiple big cocks fucking and cumming all over her body and holes. I think she needs medical help.

  • Be in it with her

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