18 , horny, and hitch hiking.

I was 18 and my car was in the shop for repairs. I went to the other side of town with a friend to play pool and hang out. We went back to his place to sleep, I slept on the couch. He had to work the next morning, so I walked toward my place ,(5 miles to go), and decided to stick my thumb out to hitch hike. Instantly, an older guy with a travel van, pulled over, and he waved me in. I was nervous because I never did this before. He asked me where I needed to go and I told him. He hit the gas slowly and we started to roll. I was still pretty hungover at that point, and I saw he had vivid image porno magazines on his console within my reach. Girls sucking cock and cum dripping from their lips. Instantly I was as hard as a rock. At the next traffic light we stopped at a red light, he was looking at the giant bulge in my pants and he whispered, "Have you ever had a Suck"? Sheepishly I said "yeah", and he reached over to feel how hard my cock was, and asked," Do you want one now? I just nodded 'Yes', and he pulled the van down an empty area, parked, and touched me again as if wrapping his hand on the end of my cock, and pointed to the back of the van where the bed was. I went to it and laid on my back as he stayed on his knees and pulled my pants down to my ankles. I was just so horny, I looked at what his other hand was doing, he opened up his pants, and his cock was 4 times the size of mine! It was Amazingly hot but not fully hard. He then put my cock in his mouth and slowly sucked me, even my balls, he took it all in. After about 15 sucks or so, I came in his mouth and he kept on sucking, I turned my head to see his hand jerking his cum from that monster cock, all over the floor of the van. I have to admit, It turned me on. When we were done he drove me to the corner near where I lived, and he gave me ten dollars and didn't say a word. I scribbled down my phone number and got out. Six months later he called me, and took me to Key West for a weekend. My fantasy for six months was to stroke and suck that big cock. And he taught me how to do it! He took me up his ass, and he loved it , and so did I when he would slow ride on me and cum on my face and chest! I never saw him after that. Now I am married with children. But I still get hard thinking about him!


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  • Wow, what a wonderful experience so sad you lost contact. I'm married also and had a somewhat similar experience. Maybe you should act on those thoughts.

  • I just might!

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