Who hasnt seen a throbbing cock and Thought “damn! That dick

How often do wanna taste cum?

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • All day every day

  • I am a man and I love pussy but I also hunger for a big throbbing vieny cock , doesn't matter what age , when you watch porn you don't want to see little dicks , by the way I have an 8 inch cock and l'm very proud of it

  • I haven't! I look at pussy and say damn nice box.

  • Give it time and a while without any pussy, lol.

  • What you in prison? Plenty of hot box out there.

  • I want to taste cum several times a day, swallowing a fresh, hot, juicy cum load is my fetish.

  • Very rarely as i am married and its often several years before i just can`t resist looking longer than i should at someones zip. swimming trunks.or cock in the showers.most times i am able to pull my self together and think of the possible consequences to everybody i love but now and then someone iv felt drawn to will make what i am looking at more noticeable and its such a relief to take the shaft in my hands and suck the fullness of there cock as it swells in my mouth. Standing over me i all ways sense there need for me to show how much i want there cock and often they will pull out and look down at me licking down the shaft. or pull away so i have to pull them back into my mouth and show them how much i want it. Then i am all right for a few more years.

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