Wanted to Suck a Cock

I'm a 50 year old married straight male, that for the last 2 month have desired to suck another man cock and have him shoot his load in my mouth. Me and my wife have talked about this, and even have a dildo that she likes to watch me suck, while fucking her. She's trying to find a man for me, cause she said she wants to watch another man fuck my mouth, with his cock, till he explodes in my mouth. She says it turns her on. She even went as far as asking me, if I would be will to be fuck in the ass by that same man, and ever time she ask me that question, my cock gets rock hard, and my answer is always yes. I don't have any attraction to men, I'm very much turned on by my sexy wife, so I don't think I'm gay, but my wife says I'm bisexual, either way, if the right situation ever presents itself, I will not hesitate to suck and fuck cock. My Cock is hard just typing this!!!

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • It's a lot of fun. My wife has watched me many times getting my throat fucked and my ass fucked. She knew that I was bi long before we got married. We have a beautiful open marriage. She has her own boyfriends that fuck her. She's ok with me being with guys but doesn't want me to fuck other women. I don't need other women she more than I can handle. And there's nothing better than taking a guys cock in my mouth and feeling him getting harder. Hearing him saying don't stop when he is about to cum. And i swallow every drop .

  • Fuck, I wanna suck a Cock so bad!!! Just haven't found one yet. Maybe one day it will present itself, when I'm least expecting it. Can't wait. Your post made my Cock hard just reading.

  • I'm having the same issue. 22 to straight but recently obsessed with sucking another guy's dick. IDK why

  • I wish my wife would do that

  • Where do you live would be more than happy to help you out

  • My area code is 501 and zip code is 72201, look them up, and let me know if your close. I would live to full fill my fantasy.

  • Heres my area code 501 and my zip code 72201, then can tell if your close enough to hook up.

  • Let your wife find someone , she can explain the situation better , see she really wants multiple partners too , enjoy and use protection!

  • Any luck finding a cock for you

  • Shes trying. Beleive me shes trying. Shes wants a DP fuck also.

  • I'm a man and l want to join both of you , depends on location

  • Will you let me suck your cock till it explodes hot cum in my mouth. My wife want to help me suck a cock and then get fucked. Area 501 zip code 72201.

  • I am 38 I was forced to suck and got penetrated by four men in a terrible situation when I was 21 but I agree sir I stil can’t get that feeling of wanting to feel a cock skidding past my lips past my tounge and into my throat and feeling him pulse as he cums in my mouth again and I can’t even begin to explain how it hurt but aroused me as the first cock entered my a## not easily but he forced it in and it burned and throbbed but as he settled into a deep stroking rhythm the pain eased and I just started to notice my cock begin to throb as he came in me then the next cock was shoved in my mouth and my cum filled a## was penitrated again by a much larger one and that one just hurt but didn’t last long and he pulled out and came on my back as the one in my mouth cam deep in my throat . As they threw me out and called me a faggot I still wish it would happen again . I know I’m weird sorry if I’m out of line but your post makes me remember

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