I'm a sissy slut

Hi , you all can call me Angie, I am a sissy slut crossdresser who as a boy growing up I always thought about how great it would be to have been a girl, that's right. I would sneak into my older sisters bedroom when nobody was around and always dress up I. Her bra's and panties , old cheerleader outfits , dresses high heels lol makeup, she even had wiggs and sexy bikinis. Oh yes it just drove me crazy I love it I felt so feminine I actually thought I was a girl so horny and all the naughty thoughts that were going through my mind that I couldn't control is all about guys yes now that I was all dressed up as a sexy girl I want to suck cock even if I found my sister's stash of zonie magazines and pictures of all naked man their big dicks is hanging out and you just drove me wild I couldn't I couldn't control it.I wanted to,, take a big dick in my mouth so bad, even my little wee wee would appear and would be hard as a little clit. That's right I would short changed when I was born like really short changed I'm talking like 2 , I was inly2and a half inches hard . I would sneak up home during summer vacation cuz I was all alone in the house and I know it's watch pornos I was looking at the guys big dicks text like how my dick would get hard and always turn myself into a girl before I would watch them . I've always fantasize watching pornos about it is being a girl to me watching they get to wear all the sexy outfit look hot have all the fun like getting to suck those cocks yeah I want to do I wish I was one of those girls that's how my brain. And no control over it whatever this was inside me it was too powerful I could not stop even if I tried and I did try and it didn't work there's nothing you can do about it. When I was a teenager I got involved in a three way affair with another boy my age and his older companion we would call his uncle at that time as we were participating in a sex affair. To me this is what I was exactly looking for being able to dress up as a woman in front of guys and having sex that I only came true and I got this socks not one but two cocks and fell in love with it and I already knew it it was going to be like that which was even better he became a customer on my paper up cell as The Paperboy during the weekends I will get turned into the papergirl. I remember I wouldn't have to lie about everything that I was doing on the weekends so no one would ever figure out what I was doing I couldn't dare let anyone find out that I was a little cocks fucking slut

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  • I was 21 when I was Forced and used as a fuck toy for 4 men I should be ashamed but I’m not I am super aroused when I Think of it and I masterbate to it allot I have even started wearing my wife’s underwear and master bating with a small plug in my a## just to remember there dominance over me

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