Sitting with my tits out

I have the kind of big, second story porch, with big railings. You have to get pretty far up my stairs to actually see on the porch. I like to sit out there, braless, and pull my top up over my tits. No one can tell. I’ve had neighbors wave hello and be none the wiser while I’m basically naked from the nipples down. I’ve even had guys suck my tits or eat my pussy and no one even knew they were there. I miss that house.

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  • My hot older sister had an apartment with a high balcony and railing, and would go out to sit or smoke topless fairly often. The first time, I was there and she was lounging around the apartment in her short, mostly open robe at night, and told me to join her out there while she smoked. We got out there, and the night was perfect..Not too humid or breezy. Her robe loosened and opened up, and I told her to just lose it. She gave it to me and stood on the balcony, topless and in her thong panties, puffing away and saying how comfy it was to let the girls breathe, and the light breeze felt good on her tummy.

    From that point on, she'd go out there either topless already, or take off whatever shirt she was wearing (usually a t-shirt or tank top...she was big on being comfy at home), and smoke or relax out there, tits hanging out and free. I joined her tons of times and enjoyed it.

  • I remember my wife sucking her boobs and pussy her first time she can not get enough now and she was 44 at the time such a shelter live no idea so sweetie i say go get that pussy sucked I'm sure you enjoy

  • I like flashing men my tits. I wear a lot of sheer blouses and go braless when I am in the mood to fuck someone other than my husband. Funny thing even though its obvious that I want to get laid its only happened six times where men hit on me and we fucked. I guess I need to carry a sign saying fuck me I horney LOL.

  • I'm in nyc , wish l was your neighbor , l have an 8 incher l know you would really enjoy

  • Does your hubby know about those times or are you doing it in secret? How old are you and when was the last time this happened?

  • What did you say your address was?

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