Pussy masks

So i sell used panties but i have a new item that i am selling. I wear a disposable face mask in my panties for a couple days so that it gets all of my pussy juices dried up in it. I am selling these masks where you can smell my pussy all day and in public as well. Instead of carrying panties up ur nose, you can wear the mask because of the virus and at the same time, smell my juicy pussy discharge all day. I am selling them for $100 each
leave snapchat contact information below if you are interested

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  • Used panties have been for sale for years. Google it they go for about $25 a pair $40 with a pic of the girl wearing them. You better lower your price for all we know you are a guy. It's nasty if you ask me but there are sites that you can sell your panties on. Don't think many places would accept panties as a mask either.

  • They’re not panties as a mask, it’s a disposable mask that i would wear in my panties so u can wear the mask out

  • Thats even more gross. How to we know you are female and not a male. I'm not saying you are but how do we even know what you look like. You could be 500 pounds and not able to wipe for all we know. Go to the used panty sites and sell your masks if you want to. They let you sell all kinds of things and you can include a video of you wearing them.

  • Exactly and probably is a guy lol

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