Amazing pussy

So I start seeing this girl from high school after not seeing her for 30 plus years . We are both divorced and soon after our first date we started having sex. She had awesome nipples that were always rock hard , she sucked my cock really good , but it was her pussy that was the star of the show. Nice and tight for her age it gripped my cock and was always soaking wet. I got her to start talking dirty to me during sex because that never fails to make my thick 7 inch prick stand up hard. So she’s telling me how good my big cock feels in her slippery pussy as I slap my cum filled balls onto her fat pussy lips from behind. I’m banging her for a long time in doggy position and I take a break from exhaustion and I start rubbing her tiny little asshole with my thumb. She doesn’t resist at all so little by little I started to stick my thumb right up her asshole. I’m moving easily in and out of her greasy ass and I reach under with my other fingers and start to finger bang her cunt at the same time I have my thumb up her asshole. She is moaning like she’s in heaven so I increase the speed of my thumb in and out of her ass as my two other fingers slide into her now drenched slit. My cock is drooling pre cum as she pushes back onto my fingers. I can see her girly juices running down her legs and she begs me to keep going. My entire thumb is now buried up her ass and all of a sudden I felt a warm syrupy glaze rush over my entire hand. She gushed so much sticky cum that the carpet was slick with her juice and my hand was totally soaked in the most awesome cum I’ve ever seen up close! She almost collapsed from the release of so much fluid and turned to face me. At this point my cock was stiff and turning purple. As she say Indian style in front of me , I stood up and beat my dick into her lips as she stuck out her tongue. I reached the point of no return quickly and unleashed a massive hot load of jizz that streaked her face, neck, tits, and hair. She was covered with the biggest facial I’ve ever given to anyone. There must have been 8 or 9 huge squirts of cum , she looked awesome covered in my load. By far and away one of the best sexual encounters I’ve ever had. Unfortunately she was a nut case and I regrettably broke it off with her. Hated to let that sex go but she was driving me crazy. My new girl loves sex just like me - she just texted me a picture of her huge tits , so I’ve been very fortunate of late.

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