I’m his bitch.

I am a woman in my early twenties, and I am the fuck toy to a man in his late forties. I do whatever he tells me to, whenever he tells me to. I actually have a higher sex drive than him, but when we fuck, I am one hundred percent his bitch. He clicks his fingers and I’m on my knees with his cock in my mouth. When I’m on my period he fucks me in the ass hard and dry with no lube (one time I bled afterwards). He makes me wear heels and slutty dresses for him, and sometimes when we’re not even having sex I like him to tie my wrists together with rope, and I stay like this for hours. I like him to choke me, slap my face, spank my ass, whip me with rope. He spits in my mouth and then pushes my head down onto his cock. He gets me to sit on a chair opposite him while he wanks to the sight of me. When he fucks me sometimes it hurts too much but that makes me love it even more. He knows I worship him and he knows I belong to him.

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  • Sounds like my wife, I made her my sex slave and she does what she is told to do. I've had her suck off a bunch of guys at once and then we watch her masturbate. We take pictures of her whenever we want. She loves being my sex slave.

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