College Cock

I am a 46 year old man and have been married for 20 years, and I Would love to come me home from work one day and hear my wife being fucked hard by a much younger man,

I’d love to just stand outside the room listening to the sound of his young balls slapping hard against my wife’s body, the sound of our marital bed squeeking the way it does with her quietly encouraging him so no one outside hears her

The thought of that young man owning and filling my wife’s pussy for that afternoon is such a turn on

I’d then like to leave come back after he’s Just left look at her rosy red face, kiss her, tell her I love her and act like I know nothing

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  • My wife and I live in a small college town. My wife is 50 but very hot. She’s had young black guys tell her on a couple of occasions tell her she is beautiful atTarget and Staples while shopping. Kinda got me thinking.....

  • L can fuck your wife xxx

  • Your wife is very lucky 😉, I wish my husband would have such a fantasy

  • Thank u Lola I live in hope

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