Married Cock Sucker

I'm married, and my wife and I have a pretty good sex life for a couple together for 30 years. The thing is, that I have a life long addiction to sucking cock. It started with two friends that I experimented with in my teens. With both of them it started out as mutual jerking off, and evolved into my sucking them off whenever they wanted it. We all still live in the same community so getting together is easy. If I'm helping one of them do something, or fishing, or even just out to have a beer in the evening, I'll end up sucking them off. They know about each other and a few times on hunting trips I've ended up between them, getting fucked up the ass by one, while sucking the cock of the other. Manny was the first one I sucked, and the ones I've sucked the most. his cock is uncut and thick and just seeing his foreskin makes me drop to my knees to lick and suck it. The first night I sucked him he was sleeping over and I sucked his dick all night, a few times the next day, and then slept over at his house, sucking him off more times than I can count. Chris has a circumsised cock, about the same size as mines around 7 inches or so. He's fucked my ass a few times, Manny has tried but his cock is too thick, and he rather just laying back with his legs spread while I suck him. I've never kissed either of them, other than kissing their cocks, balls and assholes, and don't think of myself as queer, just as a cock sucker.

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  • I'm married, love fucking the hell out of my wife and we have a great sex life. But I can't resist sucking a cock when it's offered to me, and if I've got condoms and lube I love getting fucked like a cheap sex toy! Hearing and feeling a guy thrust into me as he's in the throes of orgasm and knowing that it's my ass and mouth and body that's giving him that pleasure is like nothing else.

    Someday I want to find a situation where I can safely take a bare cock in my ass and get properly bred, but even with condoms I love getting fucked so much that I worry that once I've been taken bare I won't be able to stop and will start taking unacceptable risks.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • You sound like a queer to me, but a good blow job is a good blow job.

  • I have a childhood friend who's cock I suck often. If we have a minute alone I always end up with his cock in my mouth and his ball slapping my chin,

  • Wish it was my chin

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