I know he is using my panties

My name is Susan. I am a 55 year old single mom. I live with my son who is 23 . For some time now I noticed that he must have been in my panty draw. ( somehow this turned me on ) The other day as I was cleaning I found a green pair of bikinis under his pillow. Yes they were mine. This turned me on to no end . I laid down on his bed and started to pleasure myself. We just moved to a new state an it has been a wile since I had any sexual tension released. After I was done I then took the old pair of panties and left him the ones I just climaxed in. I want him to get excited knowing that I know he is using mom’s panties. This could be the beginning of something very special. I think I will stare changing them daily until maybe he will want more. I am willing.

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  • Maybe a step-mom.....but can’t get into the son, bio mom gig. The story-line is hot—but the close bio connection (for me) let’s let’s the air out of the bag.

  • I understand your thoughts. But it is like truly making love. I never had that feeling before. And we are both of age.

  • Sounds great!

  • I wish it was me 💦💦💦Mikeking95@yahoo.com

  • Lol 👍🏻

  • You are both adults and you two clearly want each other. Why not make a move on your son and start a sexual relationship? Life is too short

  • I did it Friday night we loved it and will do it more often. We just got up and out of bed. Kissed in the morning like lovers . I feel like a young woman this morning . I am singing and very satisfied and happy. Thanks for the advice to do it ASAP

  • That's great! Really pleased for you and your son!

  • You have a good point. We both need it..I think tonight might be the day.I need sex so bad. Not that I can’t get laid but I don’t spread my legs for just anyone.

  • I started having sex with my wifes mother we were attracted to each other and the sex is amazing I'm 52 she is 73 but looks much younger long may we continue

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