Nipple Slip

This chick was in a Home Depot today and she was obviously braless. I tried to ignore her pokies. I saw her again and her areolas were showing out of the top of her shirt. The shirt was way too big. Next thing I knew, her nipples were sticking out too. She had the pointiest little tits. Her little knockers were so hot. She was black and she had dark nipples. Her areolas were kinda big and her nipples were hard. This other guy came down the aisle and he noticed too. Now I could’ve told her that her little hooters were out, but I didn’t. Me and the guy who saw too talked outside. He asked “did you see her tits” I said of course and then he asked if I thought they were A or B cups. I said B. Then she walked by us and her left tit was out. The guy said “come here please ma’am”. She walked over and the guy said “your little ninnies are out”. She said “my what?” He said “ninnies, knockers, hooters, these tater tots” and rubbed one nipple. She gasped, grabbed them, and took off. Then he yelled “next time put a bra on those things”. And it all turned me on. But I should’ve told her and I shouldn’t have just watched.

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  • I've learned the hard way that most times the woman would rather that men DON'T tell them that they're over exposed.

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