Mexican Lesbian Sluts

I don't know how to begin, but I'm enjoying my relationship with the two Mexican mature broads across the street from me. They would wave to me and I would wave back. We would say hello to each other and chat a bit. About six months of this they motion me to come over to their place and handed me a drink. They weren't sexy or hot looking but had the typical dark hair and tan shin. In fact they're a bit chubby with fat asses.
"We notice you keep to yourself and really don't seem to have friends that come over. Are you gay?" they asked. "No, I like women, I just don't enjoy chasing after them." I said. "We're gay and have open minds. A cock now and then would be a change of pace for us. Interested in joining us to relieve yourself? You won't need to chase us, we'll chase you!" and they laughed.
Rosa started feeling me up as they kissed each other. Then Maria went down on me. Rosa said to eat her as she removed her bottoms and face sat me. Maria kept sucking my cock. "We enjoy giving our ass to a cock." They got naked and sucked on each others dark nipples and slapped each others dark hairy snatch. They knelt on the couch pointing their ass to me. I did Rosa first, as she played with her clit, while Maria held her ass open exposing the hole and her hairy pussy. Then Rosa gave Maria her pussy to eat while I fucked Maria in the ass.
I didn't have to chase them alright. They come over to my place as I masturbate on them while they play with each other. I would shoot my cum in their open mouths and they kiss exchanging my snowball. Great Neighbors!

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