Fucked my high school gf

So due to covid my 25 year high school reunion was cancelled. My high school gf msged me on FB messenger to call her. I did and she asked if the reunion was still on for Saturday (this was about 3 weeks ago.). I told her they cancelled it due to covid. She said, "Well shit. I'm in town. Didn't know they were going to cancel it." I said, "Where are you staying? Family?" She said, "Nah. Hotel. Kids didn't want to go so the hubby is at home with them. You got any plans this weekend?" I said, "No. Not really?" She said, "Wanna get dinner and hang out?" I said, "Hang out where? Can't be at my place. Can't say hey honey here is my old hot af ex gf from high school." She said, "You think I'm hot?" I said, "Of course. From what I can see from your pics on FB." She said, "Then at my hotel room. Curious if I'm just as hot in person?"

So we went to dinner. Told the wife they called us to work that Saturday. We had a great time catching up. I walked her up to her room. She said, "You coming in?" I said, "Is it safe?" She said, "Nobody is in there. My husband will never know. Your wife doesn't have to know." We went into her room. Started kissing. Stripped each other naked. She dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick with me still standing. Forgot how amazing she was at giving head. Had probably the most amazing sex ever.

Afterwards she said, "How long do I have you for?" I said, "Like 2am." She said, "Will I see you again before I leave?" I said, "When is that?" She said, "Tonight." I said, "Yeah. I need to get groceries anyway. 8pm?" She said, "Sounds good. Meet me here?" I said, "Sure thing." She said, "I'll be waiting with bells on.....and nothing else."

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  • I would say I’m not particularly proud of this but wtf here goes. 25 years since HS graduation and in the last 10 years I’ve been contacted by 9 women I went to HS with for the purpose of either asking me out or just to have sex. It is certainly a boost to my married and miserable existence. 9 women from 25 years ago are still interested. I’ve had sex with 5 of them. I have to say that they have all really maintained their looks. 3 of them actually look better now than they did then.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • My wife and I went to her 20th high school reunion and all four of her high school boyfriends came back to our hotel room and fucked her. She said that it wasn't cheating since she had already fucked them in high school. I loved fucking her in her sloppy cunt after they left.

  • Seems a bit fishy. 1) if any or all of 4 of her HS bf’s have SO it seems by shear virtue of math that one SO would take issue 2) again by shear virtue of math at least 1 bf would not want to cheat 3) it seems 1 of the ex’s might take exception to fucking your wifey after another guy or even in front of another guy or guys.

  • Wanker boy you are liar, this not happen anyway check out is 10am just blew one great shit hole in your bull shit

  • What??

  • I fucked a girl from high school but not at a reunion. I ran into her at a concert in 2015 (23 Years after I had last seen her).

    She was the love of my life but one day I told her nmshe had a boyfriend and that I needed to move on.

    Slfound myself a girl, got married a couple years later, she married to a new boyfriend 2 years after I got married.

    Saw her in 2015, we started chatting and seeng each other at a park and I eventually fucked her on my 40th birthday as my present. We fucked for 3 days, my birthday and also the 2 days after. My birthday is December 31st. Then I fucked her again on December 31st.

    She wasn't a great fuck but it was great to hold her in my arms, something I had never gotten to do.

    But basically I was able to have closure, we are still good friends. She got divorced (I am pretty sire so I would also get divorced and move in woth her). But I just keep her as my side piece, I was not about to leave my wife who was willing yo give me everything, for someone that hurt me for years.

  • I divorced my ex about 15 years ago. Got remarried 9 years ago. Ex and I hooked up at a high school reunion about 6 years ago. We now hook up like 3-4 times a year now

  • Was lucky enough to have my 30th in 2019. Had amazing sex with an old friend.

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