Sex education 2

Once we got to the seaside it was the best day of my life - me and mom ,sharing a room and getting to see her all the time wearing this white low cut bikini from the 80's all the time. It was a dream come true. Also, she was a different person there - relaxed, a lot more funny, open...I guess al the stress and chores from home were keeping her a bit under stress.
My mom was a good looking woman. brown hair, curly, short but with a small waist, round ass and full breasts. Her face could be considered at least cute as she had this nice babyface with big brown eyes.
I was absolutely amazed by her at the beach and i was refusing to go in the water and play with other kids just to see her more. Even when i wanted to go i was wearing speedos and i was embarassed by my full 4 inch errection. My mom noticed that and smiled saying i should look at older fat women and it will pass. That worked like a charm and i could go into the water but everytime i was coming back and see her on the sand reading a book and her round ass getting tanned i got another errection.
The day of my 10-th birthday we dressed up very nice, i had this polo shirt, brand new and she made my hair in a manly fashion , she got a nice yellow summer dress and heels, she made her hair and put on some make up and we got to the best restaurant in the resort.
There, she got the staff to sing me "happy birthday to you" ,she arranged for cake and candles and at the end the restaurant staff gived us on the house a bottle of champagne.
Mom refused the bottle but they said it's customary to the place for birthdays and it's free. I drank that evening my first two glasses of the stuff, wich i liked. Mom also got a few glasses.
We spend the rest of the evening talking and walking on the beach and eventually we headed back to the hotel.
In the room, i started to underss myself and she, contrary to her custom, started also to undress there with me. I was breathless and my heart pounded so fast i could barely keep my eyes open. She was taking her dress off right in front of me very slowly, looking into my eyes. Se remained there only in her panties, a pair of black thongs, something i also never got to see her wearing back home.
She turned around a few times ,smiling and giggling and,after a while she said "happy birthday!" i think this is the best present i can give you right now.
I only managed to say "y...yes" and after that she turned around and started walking to the bathroom.
"where are you going?" i asked almost desperate.
" to change for sleep honey" she said looking back at me and, after she noticed my deeply troubled expression she turned around and asked
" what's wrong?"
" nothing.... i wanted to see more mom..."
I managed to gather all my courage for that but i did it.
" you do.....Oh honey, you are so curious..., ok" she said turning back to the bed facing me. She approached me and she took off those back thongs and i could see her pussy for the first time. Was shaved so she can put on that white bikini and i instinctively touched her tigh wich she let me.
I got my hand up on her belly and massage it and then i touched her pussy lips. I was very hard and not really thinking, amazed by the whole thing.
Mom let me touch her all over her body for a few minutes and then broke loose and got back at getting in the bathroom. She looked back at me again ,saw my sad face and asked " Oh...tell me honey, this was still not enough? what do you want more?"
i did not answer her, looking down but managed to say "nothing ,thank you mom!"
She dressed up for sleep but not wearing her usual pijamas. She just put another pair of panties, not thongs but nice enough and a tank top and got into bed with me. She hugged and kissed me and said "happy birthday again sweetie"
"mom? " i asked after a few minutes.
" how do i like it so much when i touch myself looking at you?"
" well ,it's natural. When you touch yourself you immitate the movement you have when having sex"
" What?" i asked without having a clue about it.
She laughed and realised i was so curious about something i never got the chance to know in any form.
" Sex is when you put the penis into a woman's pussy. She likes it a lot and he does also. After a while you get a baby"
" Mom? can you show me about it?" i asked having a bit more courage.
" how?" she innocently asked.
" can i put your...."
she laughed hard and that made me feel really unconfortable about it. I managed to get myself away from her and tried to close my eyes as hard as i could.
For a few minutes nothing happend but after a while i could feel her comming up to me. she turned me around so i could see her and said to me
" Im sorry honey...but you are just a little boy and i am grown woman..., and your mother too. This is something you do with a girl you love"
" but you are a girl and i love you more than anyone...."
she smiled and stared at me for a few minutes....and then she said "ok, just once! then you go to sleep".
She got on her back ,took her clothes off and opened herself wide. She got my by the hand and put me on top of her guiding my penis inside. The sensation was more than i cound describe. So complex and breathtaking. She was a bit wet so it was not hard to get in but not that wet so i could actually feel something...
I remeber how she pushed me inside her all the way and, probably surprised she made a pleasure moan....We stayed like that a few minutes while she was breating faster than usual and i was hypnotised by the sensation.
I guess at some point she realised that she likes it and decided to tranform this sex ed lesson to actual sex. She told me this many years after.
We had sex for over three hours. She showed me all the main positions, how to give oral sex and i also received from her.
She told me that even if my penis was small, was harder than a finger and i was able to move it so fast and so long....she actually loved it. And i never had a orgasm, she had to masturbate me.
The next day we had a talk about this being the only time and the secrecy of it. I had no problem with that. Somehow the experience was so complete that i was ok with her decision.
We never did it again. Our relationship is very good even now, 30 years after i still see her weekly.
I am married, have kids and i had a actually pretty good life. I am sorry for everyone that went to such experience and had felt abused. I know i dont.
Actually i give credit to this experince for almost all my social succes in life and i had a lot of it.
Sorry again for eveyone who is feeling offended....but i had to share it somewhere.


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  • New posts sick fucks write them. I got such good stories to post.

  • Great story OP!! I wouldn't have been able to let it be a one time thing.

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  • Asheville, North Carolina. A sickening story played out after a mother went to temporarily live with her son and his wife and child. While residing at the residence, 45 year-old Melissa Nell Kitchens begun an illegal and morally reprehensible affair with her biological son.

    She now faces a felony charge of incest after warrants tell of her having had sex with her son, 25 year-old Shaun Thomas Pfeiffer, back in August of this year. He was also charged. His charges being one count of the felony of incest, as well as charges including: indecent liberties with a child, being intoxicated and disruptive and communicating threats.

    This is what happens to incest fucks. It is harder to keep it a secret then it being exposed.

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  • Beautiful story, thanks for sharing.

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  • The mother-son lovers each face up to 20 years in prison
    A Massachusetts mom and son pair have been charged with incest and could land in prison for up to 20 years, Mass Live reports.
    The alleged licentious wickedness took place at the Fitchburg, Massachusetts, home Tony L. Lavoie’s shared with his wife and 63-year-old mother, Cheryl Lavoie. It was the wife who caught her 43-year-old husband and mother-in-law in flagrante delicto on the living room couch on May 20.
    Shocked by the mom-son incest, the wife called 911 and summoned Massachusetts police. The mom and son were each charged with felony incest and issued a summons to appear in a Massachusetts court on August 20.

  • Imagine if the son was underage, seriously underage like the one in the story.
    Tho, for him the experience was positive i guess. So ,good for him.

  • Agreed

  • What going to prison?

  • Fake incest propaganda.

  • I dont know man, sounds pretty legit. I had seen many incest stories and this one sounds just like it would happend if ever did.

  • You can't beat real sex education. All mums take note!!

  • Absolutely

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  • I actually think this is the first real one in many on here :)

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  • What resort gives free birthday champagne to 10 year olds?

    What a load of crap.

  • Dont know but it's the 90's in Eastern Europe :) i am Romanian, trust me. they dont care now what age you are.
    Plus, the bottle was sent to the table. The mother decided to give him to drink.
    Dont know about the rest but the bottle of champagne was real i can tell you that :)))

  • Stop lying ass hole.

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